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May 29th, it's a Friday...real hot ones went to De'Model for shooting

been waiting the pictures for so freaking long...
at last i get it^^
but how sad, it is uncompleted one due to the carelessness of the photographer
i guess his been so bsy for the fair thinggie
but he promise me will send me tonight
wait for me ya^^


behind the scene



Thx for teaching me account even though how noob i am and how lazy i am. And...hide some litt secret for me and doing something to makes me feel better. Thx for encouraging me non stop and mumbling me each time i saw u. U know~u are such a genius! S-a-l-u-t-e! In those day, when im real sad those day i mean, u really let me understand allot. However, i still owe u a dinner. Remind me when u are free and when I'm not dieting!

Haha, u are big lier because of me. THX! I LOVE U BABE! U the one that really spoilt me alot! Always take care of me, put me in the place before u. Not all gals will do this, including me. That's why, I'm gonna love u always! U are better than a bf, when ever i need someone, u were always there to hear and share. I'm glad that i have u in those day and future. Surprisingly is, we suppose to know each other since primary but hell...we only realise when we met at coll. MUAH~
pls don't laugh at me once u saw this! Honestly, i don't really like u before i know u. Means we are in the same class but we don't talk that time. oops, forgive me!

The litt princess. U also been helping allot! Still remember the day im hearing "take me away" that song...that hug u gave really suprise me, because its so warm and I'm shock! U the one who always tell me that's a better choice and telling me things are not that bad when I'm having super negative mind. Love u too~

I still remember our first conversation. Do u?
If u don't, I'll just remind u. It happen at don't know which day econ class, i was mumbling to my fren that "why econ got math too? i don't know how to do! Hate math!" So u, gave ur helping hand to me by teaching me how to get the answer. Finally we speak to each other till u ate my only sandwich for my lunch. Its been a few month i never replied and talk to u. So sorry, i just don't know what happen to me that time, im freaking mad, but actually after few days i was okay but i just don't know how to re-connect with u again. I'm s-h-y! Wuaha~appreciate that map u made for me although end up i dint use it. No matter what, u are always dai pau aka linkin dude! I will still call u that even though i met u at age 80. I know u will be freaking happy with it.


The xiao zha bo that i love most. Hitting ur butt is the happiest moment in diva society. Miss u so much now! Hope can get ur big strong hug! Still remember the day we dance together, joining performance and competition. We getting nervous together and encourage each other and we fight for the same dream. Ur sis always blaming u, the childish one. Wuahah, but its true that u brought us laughter. U are younger gal that i really can manja to. LOVE U TOO! REMEMBER, never being cheat by guys anymore!

U were the ppl that i wanted most to be my partner in diva class. Don't know why..
Maybe we did fight for the same dream not be abandon by the stage
Kepoh-ing with u was the most excited hobbies in the world. This litt ash, don't be single anymore la..everyday end up with nothing i got no news to follow, not so happy lorr. So so, now u were in 17, spm years. Don't so stress, u are already very good and excellent. Compare with ur form 1, i really see that u are improving, but i know that's not enough for u. BTW, wish u luck and result with flying colours! Don't disappoint me and get ur feet step in a relationship la.

The little guy that wipe my tears off when I'm sad. xoxo...unbelievable
I still remember we are so close before this, but distance really might affect it. U too! The soh lou in love! Don't be naive OK...this world is dangerous! L.O.L
Wish to see u again in the coming days...and u are in spm to rite? same wishes to u too

hao xiang ni zhe ge chou 38! The embarrass day i had with u before happen twice. We accidentally hold our hand twice. GOSH! Our face were red and speechless that time.
TA~DAA~u are the friend that i will never forget always! Still remember the days u take care of me in CH. When I'm in period pain, broke up and many...u were always there...because u were just sitting beside me. LOL
And the days we hide from discipline teacher, school opening ceremony, McD ordering...and i know u hate me when i'm in bad tempered, but i thank u for tolerating with it.
I miss u a lot allot allot!

U all were the stupiest guy i ever met in CH. Bringing up stupid game in trend, making stupid videos and post to youtube end up the whole CH got ur video in their fone. ARGHH...i just miss those day allot. I hope to go back to those day again but hell i cant!

The guy i always bully him in form 1 but i couldn't remember when I'm in form 5. We were classmate at form1, that time i kept calling him "mushroom" because his hairstyle and i guess i did hit u rite? U are such a sweet guy that never thought of. I realise is only when the b'day present i received from u, a body alarm that use to prevent robbers and rapers.
Until today, u still remember my big day. That surprise me! Keep in touch ya!

U are the one that i most heartache of! The day i help u allot so that u can continue study by not retained but end up u were working and stop studying even though ur family is not poor! I'm kinda regret of transform u to another feanne u know, or else it might not be happen. Please take care of yourself okay! love ya still~

stupid bitch! Where the hell are u again? Never heard from u quite sometimes. It happens all the time, but surprisingly we never lost our connection no matter how long we separate and missing in each other life. We can still talking non stop once we met and the time seems too short for us. Hope u are good now with the family prob and relationship prob. I wanna see u! The day we chat on the bus, we dance, we blame our mothers together, will never forget...miss u!

Its been quite some days we dint chat and met each other. Still remember how i hate u before i know u. hahah! end up, we were sitting together and sharing the same nasi lemak in recess time. Thx for still remembering my big dae! and pls don't get yourself to stress for ur studies, keep in touch.

U two were always "mah gong zai" in my mind. Both are good in account in my high school days. Same as ZEN ones, the day we ponteng class and run from discipline all is in the memory.
Happy studies^^


A gal who likes banana's alot!!!
Those day working with u were the greatest job i ever had. At least i did find a friend thru my job...a true and sincere fren. Hope u will appreciate this friendship as i do. Don't forget our sing k session ya! Wait till u are done with ur assignments. Miss ya babe!

When I'm sad u the one that always there to make me happy, when I'm lazy u are the one that motivate me. feels like u are more than a net fren. Glad to know u in the billion million of connections...btw, i really forget how we start our chat?

U took care me in real life, net and facebook games gift
Sometime I'm so sorry for my bad tempered again. My nerve just cant work end up letting u be the one who say sorry every times when I'm in bad mood. Again...thx for tolerate with it no matter how wrong am i.

U let me believe that a real friendship did happen on guy and gal and also not affected by the distance. Its been quite some days din saw u lerr...must be busying with ur scuba diving activities...bring me next time and make sure don't let me drown! I miss the duck breast...xoxo!



If u saw this i will be laughing u and hugging my tummy. Who the hell said that he is not gonna view my blog since i scold him madly here? IS YOU!
My movie kaki all the time^^
Firstly, i would like to say that, i'm happy cause u appear in my life since i'm 12. I don't dare to say that u spoilt me but u did tolerate because of me^^
When i'm mad about u, it always end up with ur picky sentence but not blaming me for acting rude. Ur critic let me grow and knowing more about facts of life, but OUCH! IT HURTs! U were the one that most concern about my exam besides my mum and dad and mumble me more than my mum. The new puncher that are strong enough for me to punch on. So far i dint really saw ur moody side or maybe u hide it from me? U never told me ur worries, why? I can share, i can hear too like u did u know? Life's been so freaking weird, amazing and blah that u saw me when i'm 12 but we get to knew each other when i'm 19. U are OLD now! We should know each other least u were younger! HAHAHA!

Happy to have such a understanding fren like u. For us, time is a challenge for us.
It might bring us better or worser. Keep in touch no matter how busy we are.

Surprise to saw ur name? NO NO~PLEASE DON'T
U are the guy that i know no longer but also eat up allot of "gas" that produce by me, but i will never say sorry to u! Owe u first~okay?
U always ask me how i felt about u...but i never told u. So now, i'm gonna tell u right now. Can't refuse to say that u are a good guy "now", but i really don't know much about u. Therefore, i can't really tell u all what i feel about u honestly. To me, u are more to negative thinking, moody always, and one...i don't like ppl say half and stop in the middle. THAT MAKES ME HATE U, but u did change as i can see. Okay, 2 touches thing u did for me really make me "whoa". First, the frog story that u told me. I never realise that u will take it serious and did it. Second, the birthday song u sang for me yesterday midnite. U ask why am i silent that time rite? I'm actually crying that time. weird! I know u must be asking me why but pls don't because i don't know the answer too. Last, pls gain weight by drinking as much oil as u can. With the height of 183cm doesn't suit with the weight of 70kg+. Hmnn, i guess i should thank u. I know i let u worries when my moody and lazy day came to visit me, but u were still being patience to let me get rid of it. If i say i will never change it...u...???
One little secret, u are the guy beside my bf i cried most in front of. I really did feel better after that. Today, i'm surprise by one of the sentence u told me. Shhhhh~if u forget, don't ever ask me! I will blame for it!

U talk mostly nonsense to me all the time no matter how moody are u, how much u worry about ur work stuff. When i ask, u will say nothing, nothing and nothing. Its good to have senior and friend like u to speak nonsense when i'm sad. Besides, u likes to eat! That's a great match!
Lately u've been flying allot, please take care of ur health no matter how busy u are and stay alert with H1N1!!!

I still remember our promise for ADELAIDE UNI and the wine stuff.... Kinda sad u are coming back soon, but i'm just in the almost started situation. No one take care of me in there. haha. maybe u should get a master then. Remember the first time i met u were in the cinema, u were wearing dark green hippie long pants. We both have many sweet chat but never became couple. That's the unique part of us.

Before this i really don't "look" good on u. I "see" u as playboy that might fool around gals.
Maybe observation needs time. After that day have a serious problem, i just don't know why my mind appear u. What u told me that day kinda surprise me because i never thought that we might having that kinda "deep" chat and u can even analyse clearly for me all the thing. *amazed*
I ain't that brainless because of u! Now will be more alert, never let ppl take things for granted.


The always happy guy.
U are the best attitude and patience ex i ever had! No matter how many glue i gum on u, no matter how many ribena i pour on u, no matter how i crash ur homework...u were always smiling there for me.
I still remember the TONG HUA project i ask u did, and the b'day celebration u did for me.
The hands with the 生日快乐...that makes me losing allots of tears man.
The day we make fun on MO LI teacher and the motivate of each other in our heart!
U are the one that i regret most to let u go, but that time we dont really suit each other. It was like i demand more but u demand nothing, this cause a big gap between us. Hey hey you you, i dont like ur gf! haha! Erm...but she really suit u most!
Hope u are always happy and fight for what u wanted. ALWAYS!

Sorry for the selfishness. Im young that time and i dint really think much about the effect that might happen to u. I hope u are good now^^
All the best!

You bastard that waste my 7mth. Cant admit that i must thank u alot for letting me seeing the real world. If wasnt u, im still the naive me! Lastly, glas to see that u have change to be a better man.

U the one that i thought u are my forever, luckily not. Sorry to say that! I really dont like what u did to me but atleast u make it clean when broke up never hanging me there like idiot! This is what i like about u. U were still my best fren now eventhough we might ever ever not together again because u know me to well.

The litt boy boy, that makes me hate and love alot. I really enjoy talking with u tonite. U GROW MAN! Compare to past time, u suprise me! U became matured! Im so happy u know. In the past, i really hate u when it happens to u dont admit that u have an gf, and seems like u dont even have a plan for ur future. Plus i feel unsafe being with u...this make me sad!
GREAT TO KNOW A NEW LEON that have future, having stress that every ppl had



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