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Full House at Sunway Pyramid

Wearing my blinkie to college today. As it is half transparent so i wore 3layers that day included my bra. Malaysia weather is not suitable. FML!

Argh~i miss that smile. Too many shit happen lately.


New lovey dovey PINK bag. I guess everyone in college already know I'm so into pink. They all start to categorized me as PINK. =.=''
Its been a long time I've been Sunway, this picture is taken ages ago when i have 3 hours break. Luckily i changed my schedule if not I'll be lunching at Sunway all the time because its the best place i can spend my 3 hours.

Someone took some effort bringing me here by doing research. And I'm surprise because i never thought Sunway had FULL HOUSE too.

As usual, all white.

Fake puppy i met.


Cute yet scary.

Surrounding by white flowers. Me like!

Full House Menu

Spot my name! LMAO, seems kinda accurate but I'm Cancer.

OWH! She likes pink too!


Tiny pottie plant.

Ice lemon tea with mushroom soup.

Ice blended choc there sucks to the max!

Spaghetti with mushroom and ham. Over cheesie milkie, ewwww~

Some weird sauce served with chicken.

and huge fries who ruin my diet.


Dessert comes with set. I swear i will never eat it again. It just taste like sponge cake and the taste in worst than those pandan sponge cake which is selling at night market.

Wasting food is not good but we really cant stuff in anymore.

Poke you to death! Never taste such suckie chocolate thiggie in my life.

Nice tissues huh? But i hate restaurant which is stingy to gave out their tissue. What for wasting money to print your logo on the tissue and when customer ask you for tissueSS, you gave them only ONE! Who really gonna look at the LOGO?!

Saw gigantic bow hairband with sequins. But its so expensive compare to other places.

I love WHITE!

Bedazzled bear-bear selling for Rm99.90 if not mistaken.

Final is 2 more weeks away. I just don't have the mood at all.
Suddenly craving for dessert, ice cream...loads of them!
I need Starbucks, pool, movie, good food, sing K and chatting session!

If Love Gone Faded...






























No Like Making Decision For FooD!

Heard about the latest game they have in HitzFm? GREED is the name of the game.
What so syok about it? Haha~in case you guys don't know I'm gonna repeat it here again.
They gonna play a song for1-3 secs. How long it gonna plays is depends on you.
The shortest it is, the higher the money you'll win, of course the risk is higher too!

GREED 3 secs- Rm 100
GREEDY 2 secs- Rm 500
GREEDIER 1 secs- RM 1000

Those song are so damn easy man. Even its not, if you hear Hitz Fm for minimum 3 hrs per day, no way you cant recognise the song. Its all current hitto song. But you know calling in is always the hardest thing before you about to win it. LOL

But however there's something you always can get it and be as greedy as you can. LIKE ME!
Food is always my bestie.

Went to check out SHIMINO at Pavilion. Its NEW!
Look how PINK is it~OMG you are so pink, I'm gonna die! *sounds familiar? Despicable ME...MUST WATCH!

They have loads of crepe. And its damn popular at Japan as i saw in the video. The que is freaking loooong!

So many choices and all contain at least one of my favourite, how can i choose, Dammit! Hate decision!

Just tear-off and eat. Easy as 1, 2, 3!

Blueberry Cheesecake Flavour and Strawberry add up choc ice cream.

Whats next? You know what...I'm so lucky that i got a few 20% discount voucher from staff over there when i made purchase. Its so much cheaper when Starbucks is in discount! RM12 change to RM9 only! How can i resist it?!

Again the new strawberry frappe and my forever ever favourite CHOC.
I'm so sorry, i cant made decision again. Yes i cant finish it but i always got a back up to make me perfect by not wasting any of it.

If i can have best of both world. Life would be much better.

Imma Happy girl again. XD

Life been great if surround by food all the time. You know...i know...

Weekend Trip With Family at Port Dickson

Cloudy, windy, lovely...

This is the only place people will walking with barefoot.

Without PS. Haha~my camera was freezing in the car so the lens is blur.

Never like sun in my life, today is an exceptional.

Pic of the day!

Its not that packed luckily.

To prove how windy isit i decided to upload this pic with my messy hair.

I just realised that why my leg got double tone? And its weird that how come not the lower part darker but the upper part?

Every kiddo must do in the beach.

Love the scene. Scroll down to see 3 of the picture.


With hot hunks!

Met my fattie sis. I call her fe-fattie now. XD

Love the ombak! Not Ong Bak!
Baby went to the cinema yesterday with his bunch of meat gang. Haha~he said it was a totally sucks max movie. Don't know what they are fighting for but just fight fight fight, no story line.

Sis in the bitch

Mummy is trying to dig a hole for sis and stuff her in. OMG! I never see a mum that reco this to her daughter lor.

Spot her? My fattie sis?


Besides this stupid pic. I have something...more! Which i never did before for the past 20 years.

Ready. Get Set.....


GO! See how high i jump! Damn hype lor! Mum did join us too but she dont want it to be shown. LOLOL

Sis with a diffrent kind of style. Being young is good =(

Mum suggest sis to act like she got the power to carry the sunset. =.=''

Being a good girl, i must follow what mummie said. =P

Kiddo mum playing with sis.

Ish! This pic not nice at all. Why i see all the girls hair can fly but not mine ah? I think my hair must be too heavy. OVERWEIGHT!

Here goes my Sunday. Its gone! Never like weekend trip. Perhaps i love it too much until its gone i dont like the feel. There s a huge gap after you get back to KL. Me no like!

Anyway, HAPPY SUNDAY people. Counting down for my Monday Poster presentation.
Wish my luck =)



World Peace


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