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The Dumb Boy Im In Love With...

Perhaps, this is part of my birthday post. Before my birthday, the whole week I'm in depressed mode. No mood, nightmares and feeling upside down. Baby see this symptom and always cheering me, one of the way is bringing me to eat what i like to eat.

All of the most craving food i get to taste it in these few days between my birthday.

One of the mua love, always. STEAMBOAT.
I never get bored with it, because i always like self service dining style. Of course fast food is not self service. What i mean is you cook yourself and you eat your own. Mad satisfied.

Forget what is the shop name. We just bump in there for a try since it is full with crowd, we never thought it could end up that nice. You know...steamboat restaurant always full of crowd and makes you thinks that it must be damn good, but end up when you get to try, it was so so only.


"It's my birthday, i really wanna get with you. It's your birthday..." What you waiting for---Nina and Colby O Donis. Baby and i were singing this song non stop. Hahah~I'll sing it especially i need him to "listen" to me, because it's my birthday, i shall be the king not queen. Baby's being good to tolerate with me, i really feel that I'm so lucky to have him in my life.

Later on baby show me the surprise he bought. I thought it was my birthday present and it's not my birthday yet how could he...

See what my dumb boy did! I don't really know i should cry or laugh or smile sweetly that he is that creative.
A 4D. When i saw the number he bought I'm kinda shock why he's not buying my birth date but my hp no.? He tells me there's a rule stated cant buy the date if its coming. *scratch head*


He told me this is my pressie and also our future. LMAO
Praying for luck, i never won any from 4D weih as i never buy them before. Still we didn't make it. He wasted his Rm10. That's why i always not encourage people to bet. No win no lose is always the best.


While waiting the soup to boiled, we had this as appetizer! Look at its colour texture you already can tell how nice it is. Its fully marinated!

Busy bu cant stop eating.

Opps, one more tips for ya. How to eat steamboat.
1. Always put the vege in first
2. Seafood is aways last

Why? I forget where i get this info specifically from but it was from a well known steamboat restaurant at PJ area. Vege tend to increase the sweetness of the soup and seafood need to add in last step cause it will change the ori taste of the soup. Unless if you really feel your soup base is very sucks. JUST DO IT!

Look! Who's favourite? Pork slices.
Wanna order beef but they don't have it here =(
They have this special sauce to eat with, but too oily.

The meatball, fishball, fish noodle here is all handmade. I guess. Based on their looking it is obviously not from factory. Tell ya~it is the best pork ball i have before in my life. All the ball type is very fresh. Normally i don't eat fishball during steamboat because afraid of the stinkie smell but here, not at all.

Me and mua boy. OMG! Look at my supa dark circles! I tend to sleep lesser when my birthday is coming soon and sooner.

End of the post. Thanks for reading.
I shall start working on my essay now because no one is watching tv anymore =P




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