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Hitting The Museum On My Birthday

What happened during my birthday? Its a bit not ordinary, baby brought me to museum instead of hitting the party. Yes, preferably not party. I'm more into cozy,heart to heart talk than bing bang boom. For a birthday i don't think that suits. Own thoughts maybe because I'm a Cancerian.

This might end up as a caption picture post so just bare with it if you are wondering how museum like or leave.

Hype! It was my first time visiting the museum and baby's second time since standard 6.


The first intro of all. Malaysia forest.


Look at the dumb boy with his un-wax hair. He's deciding for a hair cut later.

Gradpa's axe.


Movie showing the life of barbarians. In the whole movie there's no one talking but "uh yi wa ah..."

He's so into a sudden.

GUESS WHAT!!! This is an earring man!

People in those day were buried with stuff like this.

There's 4 categories in the WHOLE museum.

Baba nyonya

Wondering how many girls are still into this?

Never impressed by M races stuff but this is amazing.

Joining Agung for meeting. LOL

Crystal on Keris.

Me ME Me

Portuguese ship--- Flor De La Mar 
Does this recall back your High school memory VS History?

If the technology haven't gone that far and still using this, I'm sure that psycho with gun will be noted.

Finally the first pic with bubi =)

And this took by a Malay boy which is helpful enough. Claps*

Me and my boy went "Whoa...So this is the bunga emas that the history text book nagging for so long."

Owh~that's my boy!

Money from those days...note that 50cets currency notes.

With my new black flats and it bites! Sigh~
Under me seems nothing special but it was precious at those time, BIJI TIMAH. Tau tak?

That boy is full filling his wish. LMAO.

Kubu that those days people hide during war.


Look what i found. I never know that we have song. Do you? LOL.

Now i know actually different sultan have different types of folding for their...errm...not sure what it calls.

With the very first fire engine.

We visited another museum again. Which is full of bones and coffin. Of course we need to pay again. That snot the problem, but I'm so stupid to tell them that i did bring camera and have to pay extra Rm 3 for it. Stupid stupid stupid! I could probably save it for a bubble tea. Again, my kiam siap disease.

This little boy running all the way in. The floor is made by wood and imagine how many creepy noise he cause... 

In the old days, this was a tradition to buried people in this way.

Rock coffin.

Boat coffin

Someone is trying to dig out that "thing" Ewwww~

Can you believe that it is a coffin too?

Why death people need "zham ju long" also?

Its kinda same with the current coffin just not that glam.

I would never wanna take a look at it but the boy is freaking me out! How can he just stare at that black stuff for so long?

The so called coffin on tree.

Opps forget what was it already.

Stuff to be prepared for cleaning the death body.

Some others coffin.


Christian Coffin


Burial Hut

Coffin that with loads of decor.

Ox coffin.
It was just a shape and its not for Ox but human

Siam coffin

For lunch, we had our supa top favourite beef noodle at Tengkak again. I remember we had this as lunch last year too and it was his birthday. XD

This shows that how much he's in love with chili.

We peace in our own way, we war in every ones way.

Wanna cheer yourself up in this loving weekend eve?
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The second Malaysian who landed on Space~uh lala~~~

Happy Friday people =D

I love Friday so much but serious hate the jam and people who park insanely for prayers session.




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