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Its break time again! Today lunch with Mr Kok Fai at Uncle Seng. He told me since long time ago when i entered Taylor's but that time i have to diet gotta cancel the plan. Now~im free from diet since all those event and shooting, competition is end. When i reach there, i saw my Indonesian friend was there also, SHOCK! This really prove that Uncle Seng is damn famous not among Chinese only.
Mr. Kok Fai Pork fried noodle with Char Siew. The fried pork is so nice~crunchy!
If not mistaken this cost around Rm6

My wan tan noodle wan tan's come in 6pcs. A lot right?

At first i thought of just ordering the Wan Tan but he told me that everyone came here for the noodle how can u just eat that wan tan, so i order wan tan noodle
Later that, i realise that they did sold only noodle in the menu. Lols~
The noodle is really damn nice! Home made recipe and unlike other wan tan mee that u eat at other stall. Its more like pan mee but...dont know how to say. GO EAT YOURSELF!
Wan tan is nice toooooo~the filling is good!

Mr K suggestion again, must eat with the chili. I thought it was hot but it isnt. It is more like chili that helps to increase the noodle flavours for ppl who feel bored in dry noodle.

Its not hot at all, so eat as much as u can there is no extra charge!

Do check it out peeps~




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