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Joseph, Jason and Reno went to Langkawi...i was left all alone here in KL. Owh~life get bored without them. Used to yamcha and hunting for food with them...but for this 4 days...i'll just have to do it al alone.

When they came back....Joseph bought me this! At first was kinda mad why he buy me choc with nuts since i've told i want only dark choc...PLAIN! NO FRUIT and NUTS or Alchohol. But...i was wrong. He told me this is special and without nuts la my dear.
Hmnnn~isit? I opened it once i get it.

Surprising...I am! This cant be bought over here. There he did something which is out of my imagination. Hey peeps, if anyone see this post and know where can get in Kl please let me know. I dont wanna fly all the way there just to get this. Thx

AYI, the choc really come without nuts besides that one is in the middle wrapped by the choc. All the crashed nuts on top has been replace by sprinkle dark choc. Yum~

Thanks joseph...i dont mind if u get me another few cartons... XD




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