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Lately, im changing...alot i guess
I got no idea about it cause i dint realise that i did change like superb fast or huge different in that short period
Untill the no. of people telling me this is increasing...
At first i thought they are too sensitive or maybe a joke, till they date me for a serious talk
Finally i realise at tat moment. The tears drop for no reason and no timing

my mind spinning with quetions like
"what am i now?"
"do i really change and how come i dont realise that?"
"how can i be that cruel?" "why i just cant stop of leting people feel dissapointed with me?"

why why why?

To the beloved frens and family:

I know i dissapoint many people that really care about me in this period, besides sorry i really dont know what can i say. I dont really know who am i now. Some1 told me that this me is not who they really know at the begining...i was thinking did i change? Is that good? Or bad? If wasnt tat many ppl told me this in serious i might not know how big is this prob that im having now. Sorry & thx that u all are stil here.

Maybe it really takes times for me to know whats going on here with me.Sometime is time...I cant suit myself in the reality i guess, or i can say that i dont hope too.Because once i am used to this, the one who supose to be in the last 5 years gonna be back.That moment, i bet that u gonna be more dissapointed with me.Not asking u all to let it be...but just...i need more and more time.


This fair actually past kinda long ago but im too busy at that moment so just dont have time for updating it here. Plus the stupid cable disappear itself!
Im not late for my first day! Cam whoring in the car and hoping there is no jam
plain make up and a litt bit of matured OL look
so here is the working place for me in the next 2days
i spot it!!! balloons!

while walking to my booth...spotted this! NICE~

hey mr. and mrs. filter, stay good over there ya~

working really let me know a litt more again
at least im not a vase that only can be seen...i can talk too! Whoosh~

In the noon time, i was craving for food deeply, look what i've found there?
oh god~a ice cream booth located there? I dont know why it related to the home decor thing but im so glad that "she's" here! GREEN TEA will never failed me~

look at me, the super happy faces cause get free treat from mr.kelvin
as u guys know. I cant really live without dessert like ICE CREAM!

the brand im working for -GE-
general electric

and the end of the day, i was planing to stole this from MAXIS de lo...But i guess its kinda obvious since im staring at the balloon all the day while im working..xoxo

working here is so damn bored in some term and its suffering cause i dont really take my lunch or dinner. This is not because im dieting or what, is just i know myself well i cant finish the food so i dont order them. Thus is because there are so many selection over here, so when i made my decision its already end of my meal break.
today, i get to eat my lunch^^
thx to george to pay me a visit for the whole day waiting for my lunch and dinner break
as he promise, his gonna take me to try the new FOOD in KFC---cheezy marcoroni
drooling since i saw the tv advs
funny part is I and GEORGE is only 2 people. He bought 3sets of meal. Gosh~im effin worry that we cant finished it!

was surprise by what he did...a CHICKY MEAL for mie~~~mama! mia!
how sweet...i used to remember i loved kids meal alot cause it comes in small portion and the favourite kitty toys! But since i met my last ex, i dont have to take that anymore, AYI, he's a big eater that will make ppl amaze bout how he eat.

and here's my CHEEZY CHICKARONI!!!

anyway, its not bad. As u know, the cheese is normal cheese. U pay for what u got. But i still loved it!

this the headache part! 2 "soft" drink and 1 the end, we sacrifice one of the "hard" drink since its not healthy.

dinner time, me and him just went to took a cream puff as our dinner cause we were overstuffed by the lunch we had at KFC.
chocolate and greetea puff from beard papa

cream cream cream that tiff in love!

choc! owh~im drooling now. can anyone get me this while im busy blogging?

heart the day. thx george^^

TeeJ come over for lunch^^
here's the meal-chicken black pepper pasta and some soda drink in peach flavour
the pasta was not nice. Or maybe i can said its not my type. I love black pepper alot, but i was hoping to taste in a rite quantity, not like this! I just can taste the hot and spicy not the real pepper taste. SICK!

I guess...sweet chat will only be good in dessert...not others.

nite time dinner time
was full so just share the food with george
while waiting in the food court...

gong poh chicken!

as all gals like to do when their last day to see the working frens
snap all along with all the fren who know while working...
or else...u really dont know when u gonna meet them in the future
i have bad memory again, i forgot their names
btw, i can remember that they are from the opposite curtain booth

last day=da pau day

the leng zai boss....will let u see his clearer face next time
stay tuned~ for another fair post


was chatting with him once again...
this really not a good idea at all...i thought i was ok but hell not.
im such a stupid gal!
i still remember the days how he pampered me to sleep
i still cant forget how he act when i hit him, he show me the face that he's enjoying it
i will never forget how he make me into tears by showing me the surprise he planed for
i know...once, im the gal he loved the most
barely remember that, why he dump me.
things have been obviously showed up, i just couldn't accept it
forgive my sickness appeared again after tons of time i promise u guys im ok but im still like standing in the same point.
this time, i will be. The one who really did to go further
i'll block and not to talk...again.
I need to forget
just like a baby who learn to walk again by forgetting how to run even she know it.
i want u~
i hate u-


after my class, i was rushing to JAYA 1 for the fashion fitting session that require in the competition. My whole day were so damn exhausted! I have been over squeezing my brain juice cause i gotta exam in my first day in UNI! WTFFFFF~nvm, i can do it!
anyway, im hyper but in the same sooooo tired! U know, gals always gonna be super happy when they get to tried new nice cloth rite?
Lately i've been joining this model search that been organize by the LUCKY 9 POOL BISTRO
never thought to join it but after spot the prizes....ohh lala~why not?
so time pass in a week time of without noticing its gonna be my 1st heat at 2molo, i ate without control in last few weeks...regretting? eating were my hobbies! so it always come in 2 sides feeling. regretting of gaining weight and also happy to taste them!

as u can see~im going for my 1st heat tomorrow with the fat fat body...(begging to god for slimmer in a nite time)
AYI, im a gal that addict to they are offering FREE POOL and also CASH! tell me WHY NOT JOINING THAT? just CANT RESIST!!!

aiming for this...hopefully^^

so after the fashion fitting and rehearsal for the catwalk and posing and shooting as well.
finally i can get my ass on the car and go home but hell yeah! its raining season nowadays, so whats gonna happen on my way home? RAINING lah! federal highway was sooooo jam! even emergency lane was stuck too...??? can imagine leh~
im feeling pee-ing on my way home coz i drank alot of water.
im feeling starving on my way home coz i just took fruit for my lunch and UNI is soooo buzy!
im feeling sleepy coz i just slept for 3hours before my class.
im feeling so exhausted coz the whole day i've been rushing since 7am until 9pm!
this is just totally not a HUMAN DAY for me! Rushing for the whole day for waking up, driving, exam, register, class change from building to building, fitting session, skip dinner, shooting, catwalk, posing, pee too! End of the day, i ate cereal for my dinner which is same with my breakfast i took today. GOSH~
im happy, but just a litt tired and litt litt of exhausted.
anymore tomorrow? pls~come in a nice time =)

this pic will show u that how a ppl smile when they are happy but just too tired


finally get all the shooting pic in the ruin building
so im posting up here to share with u guys, hope u will like it^^
and pls leave down any comment, no matter good nor bad



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