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super hyper EXCITED!

not manage to rest for tomorrow before my primary babes gathering
i thought i could! But i still have to shoot for derrick as i promise i will do it! JUST DO IT!
FFK is not tiff~wuahah!

what a freaking day for tomorrow!
gonna be super full for my schedule..rushing like mad dog!
But i still enjoy just~
life could be miserable and confusing sometimes

9 more hours im gonna shoot
wondering what should i pack for tomorrow outfit?
headache! perhaps~nude! dont even think about it!
what make up should i do?
plain? heavy? colourful? perhaps...non make up! whee~

12 more hours im gonna meet my so damn litt fren from SJK(c) LAI MENG
miss them so much...
was hoping to know who are going, recalling their names back, asking every one who is going, pursuing people who are not going...
they have choosen pavilion tony romas for gathering, isin't it is a nice place for that?
or friday's will be more happening and fun?
but i like roma's food, should try the grilled cod fish over there...its super nice with herbs blend!
cant show u guys the pic due to the stupid cable!
dont worry, im gonan get a new ones once im free to go search for it

14 more hours im gonna meet the dear litt leon and movie, dinner, night market! FAV <3
obbessed or public enemies better? comm~asap!

oh ya, and last im super excited cause im getting higher pay for shoot!
just get that job! hope i can hold it tight!

add on~
many to update soon, stay with me~~~
  • birthday dinner and outing
  • concept shooting in subang depot
  • concept shooting in butterfly park
  • ice age 3
  • badminton and butt hurts day
  • outing with the belove xinyi and missing?
  • state of play
  • the last house on the left
  • etc...its too many since i lost my cable!
  • months post will be 30? @#$%^&^%$#
gotta go~
new pic are in facebook and friendster, not gonna upload here till i get all of it
tata >.<




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