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a new experience in SUB ACADEMY

heading to SUB ACADEMY that located at JALAN IMBI in the noon time.
luckily there is no jam and my house in nearby there^^
cause im always the queen of late, i bet all my frens know about this and they are used to wait for me...LOL...kinda paiseh but i just cant change that bad habbit for being slow after wake from my bed. any good suggestion to help me?
going to SUB is because a help for my fren fren's
she having exam now and need model for since i have nothing to loose but gain i promised her

while the beauticians are preparing the tools...they are nervous tho
they start about 2 and end around 4+ if im not forgotten
they start by cleansing my face, follow by mask and moisture...and ofcourse some massage as well for the back.
the massage i feel relieve after trying it, but just couldnt sleep at that moment (a little bit nervous). so after that, she did a face massage for me
this time...i slept without notice

the sickest part is, u know when and how i awake? the answer is...i heard myself snoring!
i feel so "fish" at that moment and ofcourse im shock with my so unbelivable act because i dont snore while i sleep at all. U must be thinking how im gona find out when im sleeping? this is because nobody tell me when i sleep beside them before! ta-daaa~~but i snore twice at there. fishy me!

later on, they did some manicure for me. as usual to remove the dead skin, paint my nails....

after the SUB experience...met kent for a tea break^^
he just back from his gym but not forgetting to buy me my FAV TART from TONG KEE
but honestly, this tart which is from MIDVALLEY have some kinda smell that i feel not used to it. Feel like vomiting =.=

his dog food is out of stock so we headed to the shop to refill some for FIFI

at that moment...guess what i've found?
a biscuit that look alike what humans eat but more expensive than what we took!

nowadays dog can eat japanese food, western...they seems much more "hang fuk" than some of the people especially african people that got to eat stems.




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