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that day i bought "I FEEL" magazine in a sudden, and guess what! I get free meal coupon from the magazine and its w/o term and conditions apply! XD happy like hell, and i plan to bring my mum along~
so here's the shop~BENTO KING! The place is clean and tidy, not pack with crowd and definately confortable with. So here's some thing about BENTO's...they are actually bot a new buisness, they did delivery bento service for quite a period but lately just start up a shop.
so the coupon was given 2 meal, 1 is mihun with curry, another is chic chop.
i look at its menu, suprisingly is...CHEAP! And its so adorable to come in a set in a bento...i like that kinda i used to buy allot of lunch box just to keep or maybe use it.

the"kong poh chic" which only cost rm4.90...with fruit and vege too! how can!

if u need delivery, pls call this...

some terms and conditions that u might wanna know~

so...after looking around the menu...our meal has arrive!
mihun with curry chic. I thought it was smaller portion than the menu shows, but fact~ IT ISNT! The mihun is so yummie! NO LIE BABE! Curry chic...for sure its yum yum too.

here's mum chic chop. So far, not bad...but i hate it because i dont like oily food.


give a try when u guys are free or pass by there, im sure that u will never regret!
AYI, its located at jalan imbi. which is behind OVERSEAS RESTAURANT.




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