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Blup-Blup Motorsport Division Soft Launch

I'm not suppose to go there but then i made it. Spending part of my noon doing poster design and here.
50 blup blup member was invited for the MSD soft launch. Never fancy with car but definitely, I'm amaze. You know...girl, never into vroom vroom (perhaps cutting line or using emergency lane, that's all)

I thought MSD was not that famous but that day i asked Joshua bout it since he's driving a BMW (MSD specialized in BMW) and i found that he knew about it plus its background. Wow~i some more thought wanna intro him tim =.='' paiseh

photo were credited to Jason, Eric and Kar Yan. Before that the company was in different location and now they had shift to somewhere NICER.

Wanna be part of us in the next event? Join Blup-Blup

Car thiggie that need me to memorize what was its name and function. Oh-girl!

Racing on the street definitely drag alots of attention from others.

Bloggers. Come join us in Blup-blup family now!

See. Told ya! They specialized in BMW.

More car and cars~

Car with wings!

This reminds me of someone. Do you miss him?

Oh Simon!I found that you got Mo's face. Or Mo's got your face? So cute!!!
FYI, Simon got a puppy name Mo. The cuteness of it you just gotta follow Simon twitter you will only get to see it if you are lucky enough to see he twitpic his Mo picture.

With Jason not Derulo. XD

FML. I don't know why i bend my knee in this picture.

Logo of MSD. Kinda look like Fred Perry right? Karyan remind me of it =p

Wanna give your car a plastic surgery?
Contact them:

Motorsport Division Sdn Bhd

No.38, Jalan PJS 11/7,
46150, Bandar Sunway,
Selangor Darul Ehsan.

Tel : 603-56358860
Fax : 603-56378860


Alex said...

porsche,audi and Bmw.
All so pretty and nice.



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