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It Shines With Her In Their Own Way

Went for a Swarovski shoot last Saturday. It was my first time shooting for jewellery, consider a new experience to me, I'm basically a noobie. The pose is totally different with all the fashion shoots, car shoots i did before. Good thing is they don't need you to appear in big boobs, twist your body 360 degrees to show your curvy body. Bad thing is the eyes is really torturing. I'm nearly blind after the shoot. Never like indoor shoot cause they always use flash light.

Basically i went there with a T-shirt, nude bra by not bothering whether the cleavage shows or its saggy, flip flops, thorn jeans for the bottom because they never shot there.

Whatsapp Mr Sun the picture right after that and he said "its very natural". Wow~
Btw, its super scary to tie my hair all up like this and use this kinda red on my lips. I never tried because i thought it will end up like bloody hell but wheeewiiit! It looks fine.


I know to you its not Bloody Red at all. To me, it was!

Lights is everywhere! Hate flashlight serious shit! My eyes been never that tired before!


Blinkie stuff! Its a woman thing.

Rings. Well this is not my favourites. One thing i don't understand is why all those rings is frigging big size?!  Try to imagine you are wearing 8 rings which is not your size and need to shoot it with some pose. Well its hard! It always twist to the wrong direction which is not facing the camera.

Pink is always loves!

One of the set.



I likey these! Maybe because of they looks like diamond. Oh girl~

Ohaiyo~i know you peoples are looking for photoshooting pictures but unfortunately i don't have any with me right now. Hafta wait one months more until the catalog and banner done. BTW, i guess most of the picture gonna crop my face out. They are focusing on my hands and neck more. Those blink is the STAR not me. =(

Stay tuned. I'll post it once I'm allowed to =P


Anonymous said...

love ur make ups on ur photoshoot!May i know what foudation n concealer/highlighter u use on ur face n eyes?natural indeed...

tiffany tan said...

Erm, the others is provide from make up artist.

Foundation was on my own, SKin 79 BB Cream and concealer. Highlighter is the oriental brush. You can check my labels "BB Cream" =)

Anonymous said...

what prods d make up artist use on ur face ar?oriental brush is a brand?



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