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X'mas makes me EXCITED!!!

Movie with Kent again. Well, i think i know what he's gonna say when i jump up the car.
Not surprise at all, he said this "Why you go to cut this hair? I don't understand nowadays what the girl think even they knew the guy don't like girls with fringe but they still cut it."

Anything i did seems wrong here???
Drool for PUDU spinach noodle again because i wanna be POPEYE the SAILOR MAN.
Here's my noodle with darling Fu Zhuk Barley and big prawn dumpling. Yum-may~

Since MrK had bought the ticket earlier so no worries and rushing for today. I pay a visit for every single Xmas decor. GENG mou? When i reached LG i saw this Xmas tree up there and IT IS TURNING!!! No play play wooi~

LG floor is decorate with a lots of snow man as well as house cover with snows. Getting real excited already and pull him over like a kid. Lol, like its really snowing now.

Look at this well! Its full of pressie~
Forgive for the blur picture, its taken by the lousy photographer.

I hope it was real so that i could pick up some...

OMG!!! is he trying to suicide?

Oh no!!! He's trying to kill himself. Please don't mister...everything can be solve. Just share with me and don't do stupid thing please...i beg u!

Heheheheheh~well. That is not the real story.
Here you go. When i was cam whoring with the well that full with pressie, damn excited, imagine that all the pressie is real and i left my camera holder beside the well.

Then, Oppsie Daisie MA-MA-MIA.
My hand just push it in TO THE WELL. Then... get stunt and he looked at me. I said my camera thingie drop. He called the guard came but no use. The guard can't move the well or either carried up even it's made with something light. No idea what to do but just kept looking inside the well with moody sad face. Passerby there thought there really got gold and peep on the well. LOL. Then i lend the hanger from some shops nearby then K dig from the well with his half body in. I kept laughing non stop like insane.

So that's why it look like he's trying to suicide.
But but but...still had to give him a big kiss for helping me, or else my pinkie will lost her partner because stingy like me won't get her a new partner i guess...

He said he's angry me but still he's taking picture for me. Hurrah!

Why Santa left it here?
I guess he went for test drive at MERZ now since its time to change new one. No deer pulling it how it gonna run? Every time gotta beg the deer, he get piss. XD

That's the TURNING CHRISTMAS TREE I'm saying since the beginning! Impressive huh!
I'm giving myself a mission as much as possible picture that related with X'mas (of course different location). This year, for don't know what reason. I'm addicted with it. Hmnn~

Its time to go for movie but still...i can't leave the tree alone.

Whoa~big, huge, long, crowd. DAMN! But it's worth for it to wait. Besides the reason you had pay for it...also is because.....

I'm watching TWILIGHT!!!

I bet i need not to intro it. All of you guys had watch it earlier then me. So...leave it.
I'm just wondering why some of them said that the first episode was nicer? Both are AWESOME for me. Jacob is so MACHO!!! Love him with short hair=)
Even K is jealous with his big breast. I know~

Yummie guy makes girl drool! Especially when they are good, loyal and with super power some more. Whoohoo~

You know, girls always feeling insecure. Guys gotta had patience with them and talk a lot to comfort them. When PMS, things getting worse for no reason. Someone told me that's women priority. Whee~and is a guy who told me. LOVE LOVE!!!

If only he's the one. I will hold him tight and never let him go. I swear to heaven and hell.
I'm emo and troublesome girl, i don't really need guy with macho body, very very incredible good looking, sweet talk non stop. I just need him to be patience with me, loyal & honest & sincere (every r/s need this) and of course not to forget a bed time story when i act like a little girl and a sweet smile on your face when i act like a old lady nag at you non stop. That's all. Simple enough?

Opps, forgot some. He must be a big eater but not fat ass that's gonna had trouble when exercise. I love sports so...that's why N-O! I don't mind chubby and spare tayar but 2 layer is enough for me. ;p

He gotta be big eater is because...i love food so much but i can't finish eat most of the time after ordering too much.'s his job. *wink

Forgot about the height. Minimum mini minimum~
174cm please~
If you don't have it. Please blame the one who invented high heels. Not me!

Oh yaya~one last thing. Due to some unhappy moment in high school, therefore i don't really mix with girls much besides my own gang. Till now, it happen in same way. I got lotsa boy friend which i call them ji mui as well.
So if you just can't control your jealousy and like a bitch who had PMS all the time.
So sorry to say so, YOU ARE NOT THE ONE.

I love you but i love him tooooo~



Janice Phua said...

I love christmas deco too! made a wish to visit every mall in KL and take photos with it! high 5 to you for same thought! (hope my wish can come true la lol)

ya most of the guys don't like fringe I don't know why, they think it's ugly and disgusting and so not cute. lol. guys being guys. my bf included as well.

haha I'm an avid fan of Twilight Saga but don't know why I think first installment is better than second one. I think second one is a bit boring for me, slow tempo throughout the whole movie except for werewolves and volturi scene.

sincerely hope you can find your destined one. love is about give and take, nothing in this world will go all in our way, so add oil ba! :)

tiffany tan said...

wuahaha~is OUR wish. Hoping to bring the boy along too. That's gonna be a good good good memory.

I guess they loved matured women gua. Not sure about it...hmnnn~ask ur boy and let me know.

Twilight, yea thsi time they drag longer but still....GOOD. everything comes in more detail.



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