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Working days...gotta be motivate!

Bring my sista to work for the every first time today. Mum suppose to look after her but suddenly something came up. So i guess its ok to bring her along. Surprisingly the boss and her wife treat her very good. They like her. LOL.
There is 2 week more to go. Im getting kinda tired. I don't know why, when i get job offer, im happy, but when have to work for the whole thing more than 3 days. I get lazier and exhausted day by day. I complain a lot to him. And every time he tell me the same thing. "When you receive people paid, must be responsible. Still left few more days, go for it." With this, i finally manage to complete all te working days without 1 MC. Whoohoo~

What I'm working actually kinda easy job but boring. Its a job from 11am till 3pm. 4hours...very extremely super lame job!!!
Finally ts 3pm, bring sista joining Bubu for lunch after work at Face to Face Pan Mee. Da yumm~
Look at my sunshine egg yolk. Slurp~
Ate traditional pan mee in soup and mince pork dry pan mee. Yum Yum Yum!

Honestly, i hate working with my fringe. So not me!

On the way home, look what I've saw!!
A camp inside the house area? OMG! There is few thing pop up to my mind.
1. The husband do something wrongly and cause the wife get piss and hantam him sleep outside.
2. Father need to train his son that are going for camp soon.
3. They had nothing to do in their life and looking for some extra ordinary entertainment to spice up.

Besides that, the father is bringing his little son for a ride with his motor that AREA ONLY. I wonder...isit that danger outside the world to them? Yea, I'm sure is.


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