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Conought Night Market = Food / Women Paradise

Been 2 weeks dint go night market with Bubu already due to exams and club at Wednesday.
Glad that we manage to catch up. Im a night market addict. Especially food over there. We can eat from the bottom to top, top to bottom. AYI, night market always come in 2 row.
Starve myself during dinner just to fill up my tummy there. Gonna 10pm already and why is it so damn jam still in MRR2? Wednesday night ladies night? But aren't that suppose to be Jalan Ampang?

Even though I'm starving like hell he will not drive like a F1 driver, not he don't want, is he cant. He got astigmatism. Sobs~

Whoohoo~i met my love. Fried quail egg in stick. Selling at Rm2. Kinda expensive huh~I just realise because Bubu said that we spend Rm70 at that freaking night market last week (which means this post) to me today while we were eating at mamak. He said he rather go movie, buy junks and two tickets add up were around Rm40 or less. So both of us kept recalling what we did what we bought...but end up. Nothing in the mind besides food. Or perhaps his DVD my women stuff.

Another new love. TAKOYAKI! Selling at Rm3 per box hanya 3 biji sahaja. You pay few ringgit you won't few anything but last when you kira...holly god!

Every time walk by this stall never tried, today im gonna eat you up!
Oh saw that? Its HO CHAK logo from 8TV. Means nice?

The ingredient is stated above.

The tikus putih that gonna eat first.

Yum yum~besides too sweet nothing much. Its made from malt sugar so...sweet super sweet!

Another his must have foodie. Red bean ice cream selling at Rm1. Every time he gonna buy it when its time to go home. Is that a habit?

Besides all of this above we ate Stephen Chow meat balls, herb meat balls, Char Kuey Teow, bubble milk tea in grape flavour, 6 fillings soup...blah. Too many i cant remember, but i remember that my tummy is stuck that day.

When we leave its already 1pm dah~DAMN! We some more thought why people closed so early because normally we don't really walk till that late. Most of the car is gone, freaking scared that some one gonna rob us as we parked damn far.
We don't left money but a tummy. Can i tell them if realy kena rob? Xoxo


Know what???
Its Wednesday again!!! Whee~




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