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Currently at mum's hometown celebrate Tang Yuan Festival. FYI, I'm at Seremban now since yesterday and i don't enjoy my day here at all. Don't really like grandma cooking style. It was full of oil. Its not because I'm on extremely diet that cant even afford a single sip of oil. The dishes are all soak in oil. Even when you eating vege, the oil is leaking at your lips. How terrible it is, can you imagine now?

Okay, but it was a tradition day that everyone must gather around and eat in ONE TABLE. What i ate yesterday were only STEAM EGG by my mum after i beg her few times. Hoho~I'm easy happy girl. I will be very happy already when my meal got egg. WheeHooo~

Was missing KL badly now. What's everyone doing there? Must be planning huge plan for Xmas Eve. Hohoho~Santa is coming real soon by tomorrow. Can't wait! I'm rushing back tomorrow NO MATTER WHAT for the house party!!! (Mangkali and MrJ...hope i wont disappointed you guys.) Oops, i get distract again, hop back to the title.

After packing all the stuff so i hop on the car...

While on the way and gonna reach petrol station, i was finding my slipper which i wear earlier. My mum was driving and my sis were sitting in front so i am the only one who sit behind. I COULD NOT FIND MY SLIPPER. It happen again!

Guess what? My slipper is not stolen by someone, so how it get disappear?

Ta-Daaa~ I left it at the parking lot before i get in the car. GREAT JOB!!!

It's not first time happen this. It's the second time already. The first were I'm on the way home from Port Dickson. That time i lost my beloved PUCCA (the china cartoon doll) slipper which bought from Thailand Phuket. That time i never realise till i reached home. I search all over the car, and the answer is...i left it there. DAMN SAD LOR~

The second time, NOW. It was better because i found it earlier. Hahah (a way to make myself feel better). My mum laugh her ass off so do my sister after they found out i did that again after few years again.

"Where's my slipper?" me
"Owh not again?" mum
"shit" me
"what happen to you?" mum
laughing non stop-me
"i cannot understand how can a people do that, again and again, are u sick or what?"
laugh madly-all of us

I don't know why i kept doing that...can anyone tell me why?

I'm like treating the car as my house, so i gotta remove my shoes before entering it. Oh gosh! Am i sick?

Another sui part. A lizard just crawl on my leg and i thought it was some mosquito that flying around me. So i use my hand to sweep it cause it's so tiny that you would not know till you look at it. DAMN! It drop on the floor! PIAK! I YELL for sure.

Wish for a better day tomorrow. (cross my finger)




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