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Training session for P1 ambassador

rushing like mad since im awake! Having photoshooting in 8am but i woke up late and letting the photogapher to wait...oppsie. Rushing the make up in the car...whoosh!
After done with the shooting that took around 3hours, i rush to P1 office bacause TINA said "no reason is acceptable for being late"
Luckily im early and still have time to make myself cool down and get prepared. Gettng this job aint easy man! Client was very strict...the interview session was just like normal but her demand for it is HIGH! She wants some that is very good in communicate. What define u are god in communicate? Im not saying that im the one, but i did surprise why she choosen me. Not just me feeling in this way but all the other 3 gals that work together in pc fair as well.

So here's part of the people that is attending the seminar as well. NOTE THAT: its only part of it. Seminar was fun! They are not just giving speech but ask all of ur frens to share. The main thing is "SHARING"! This is what they doing. It take kinda long for waiting those latebies...besides everything goes smooth and fun. Now here i did learn something, "how to get attention" Dont think a side lol. Its use on sales not individual la.

tea break~they give us this free meal! I HATE MEE LA. Try to change it to kuey teow but get rejected...haix. End up i just ate the egg and dump others...heee. TEH TARIK IS nice but soooo sweet!

Their canteen is nice. Wide space and modern decor

So tea time over...seminar again...

the seminar end around 6.40pm. Note this..its from 12pm till 6 sifat also pain.
Mr. calvin came to pick me up for dinner...and LOL
why is the touch screen in his car?




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