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After class...rushing day again!

Have to go home and headed to jalan ipoh for 1st interview of DIGI COLOUR MODEL SEARCH.
Done myself in fully make up as what they define and here's me--tiff. LOL~
Telling myself....yes u can, yes u can all along the way while calvin is driving. Mumbling non-stop! I guess with this look, im gonna be success? Whoo-Hoo
After registered and given briefing by Shu Wei...waited there to enter this hall

cam whore to kill time

When there is my turn, i get myself in there with acting confidence...nyek!

1st session
i gotta pose for shooting while photographer gonna shoot my pic and judges Will be there judging my pose and others as well.

2nd session
after done with 1st session, i have to cat walking with the T-stage given by using own ideas and creativity. I was blank~but trying effin hard to do it well.

3rd session
was given an umbrella by judge and pose during catwalk...after brain storming awhile...i continue walk back to the T-stage and starts with da music

4th session
Q & A session and a little of talent performance. Honestly my talent for that day were so freaking bad due to the hear beat bang out of my body...

5th session
Im in~judges said congratulations, comment and advice. As what i expected, they said that my talent was bad..muahahah. Catwalk and posing was flexible and creative.
Hmnnn...positive and negative match=zero

If im not entering the 2nd interview that will be held at 13 Sep...u guys will be unable to see this happy face of tiff here. WISH ME LUCK for the next interview^^
in Chinese belief...13=" sat sang"=must survive

after telling to my dearest driver of the day calvin that im in, he tumpang happy for me too, and logically we went for dinner and celebration. WHOO-HOO~

ALEXIS....the one i wanted long ago

they have plenty of alcohol here...from red wine, white wine, beer, champagne

when the moon rise, u will see here is pack of ang-moh over here. Mostly are working at embassy u know jalan ampang is full with embassy

LOL~i guess this are to be taught the trainee making less mistake?

ice lemon tea as usual...but this is not worthy at all. Expensive and not my taste~still prefer GSC
ice lemon tea^^

button mushroom tapas with super thick cheese
yum~variety of mushroom melts my bud

my Canadian cod-top view

Canadian cod-side view

Well, tiff's celebration def must have item...CAKE!!!
I just don't understand why, when im happy or sad I've always wanted to eat something sweet like candy, cakes, choc, cream and cake! But this only apply to when im extremely sad or happy. Not all the time...

Was wondering what to eat as there are plenty of them with the sign of choc is calling my attention. "choose me, choose me~" So i decided to ask the waiter and take what he decide for me, as he said this banana choc is not selling everyday and its FRESH~
I was peeping from the left to the right, why there is no Banana's in it? So when the cake came, i took a try without waiting...HMNNN~
If u thought that this BANANA CHOC is gonna be similar like SECRET Recipe's..U ARE WRONG! For secret recipe's i like about the layer of the cake that brings u different feeling rolling in ur mouth as it came with the bananas and cream and cake so it gonna be different chewy level, but this...
THE BANANA is not here but the juice is! U can actually feel that cheese and banana together giving ur taste bud a big splash. So we don't have to eat separately like Secret's cake do. Besides that, we also don't have to see that brownish yellowish ugly banana that is gross after oxidation process


ALAN Chin Weng Lon a.k.a. Drift King said...

Wow, after the interview, you eat everything u've got? hahaha~ I'm also shocked....still, I have to congratulate to our lovely happy face Tiffany that drive herself to the semi-final. According to my friend and also the judge, Martial Loh, this competition also lead you to the Miss Universe 2010 Malaysia, which is the biggest event in the Malaysia to entire world. well, I bet you got the chance as well, wish you good luck on the next round and pray for your success.



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