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Whee~my blog visitors has pass 10k in 6mths time...before that i barely blog untill im facing relationship problem and no where to release the sadness and depression so i started to blog at this march...oftely!

Lets celebrate that...i feel like eating cake...LOL
Was wondering...what is that interesting with the post I've blog around here?
  • feel I'm stupid here to show my broken English?
  • feel curious bout my relationship?
  • stalking my daily life?
  • who's the new guy and what's the new stuff?
  • movie or food that worth to spend cash on it?

Pls stop me wondering that and tell me the reason why u were following my blog peeps thx for the co-operations

Not in a good mood now actually...
Thing happen in a sudden which blow me up and drag me down

Happy is because i just had my family dinner and play with my litt cousie, when went home...i saw the pic tag by Mr Joseph...he bought me miss goldie, silvie and blackie. I blame him for not getting my miss goldie, but all is my fault to left it at the saloon. So he went to shopping with mum today and bought me back in a tons...Ribbon makes it more lovable, do they? Ooh~~~
People are always greedy, once they get they'll hope for me! I'm hoping for a series of rainbow colour! Whee~

Piss off is because....erm~Dont feel like telling the whole story, sorry peeps. But the whole thing is like...i feel like im no one to someone but he told me that I'm someone to him, but in the same time some lies/secrets happen in between us and it let me feel like I'm no one at all. U get me? How sad, he don't! Or maybe he did, is just me cant accept it in the way he thinks. C.O.M.P.L.I.C.A.T.E.D




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