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u miss me badly, arent u?

we contact less by day...
from calling and messages from day till night, end up being only night
why does we only MSG at night? because the feeling hunt us down
u miss me badly till u cant live without news from me
i started to avoiding u, just to hope myself still stay in the safety line, prevent getting hurt

we have joy, we have fun, we have season in the sun...
we have tears, we have arguments, we have depress during raining season
but surprisingly, i love to argue with u alot, it let me understand u more
u show me how u really feel about me, how much u wanted me
but there is still a hill in front me and u, if only we cross this we only able to met each at the top and hugged with tears of happiness

u always told me that, u are not the guy in my list and we both know that
yes, i admit! u are not the guy in my list, but i don't know why...i don't care how people will think bout me or how my family will against. there is some good stuff inside u i believe.
my decision, my road...

the feel doesn't lies~we both feel that
we staying apart each other as far as we could but when we meet...
the feels come again, the chemical reaction match 100% positive
we have joy that we never imagine before,
we teasing each other
we talk craps together
we share the random past
we scold other driver who drive like an idiot with rude word together
we joke on each other awkward incident
we miss...the day when im drunk

i made the decision of staying away, just to full fill my selfish thinking
i hate riding roller coaster relationship up and down, round and straight
but this is the best decision to u too, at least we not gonna be feeling weird when outing with others and wont depress with the enviroment causes

this two day, u feeling mad about i making decision alone and without informing u where ever i go and do...rite? i feel that and i hope my sixth sense was right

for two day, u were drinking ice lemon tea...and i get the mms pic from u
i dont know what it means untill yesterday...
u told me, u miss me very much
drinking it makes u feel like im beside u
i guess this is because i always order that when im with u during yamcha

when u told me that u miss me, im happy
when u told me that it feels like im beside u, i feel sweet
but i act like a nerd, pretending i dont know what u are talking about kept saying my lemon tea is with more lemon, less ice, less sugar. LOL
now think back...what am i saying?

at msn, we chat alot
planning to have vacation at local like cameron
imagine that we gonna eat strawberry stick and picking strawberry at the farm
suddenly, the screen appear at the same time "ice cream there really damn nice!"
IM SHOCK! how about u?

u mind cant stop thinking about what u say...
"we go cameron together"
i take it as a promise, will u broke it?

i assume that, u miss me badly this few day
arent u?
tell u too!




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