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Moning~sunshine in the window
Fels like eating strawberry as my breakfast...cause later is going for something nice!
My favourite DIM SUM session with calvin later~
Someone told me that is better to eat fruits with honey cause will help u digest and absorb faster, and it also prove by magazine article too!

so here we TAI THONG SS2...if not mistaken all price are discounted to 50%
*available for all outlet

here's all in the menu what they have...a bit dissapointed with the choice they had

every dim sum session egg tart is a must had for me...but this really freaks me out! sick~yuckie!

for the whole lunch session...i only enjoy looking sick!

we had HAR KAO, FU CHOK, EGG TART, XIU MAI, SALAD PRAWN...all the very basic food but then sucks man. U dont feel like u are eating in tai thong or even char chan teng. Even those stall were better than them! AYI, i dont found any special dim sum there also...

So after eating, we dint finish it all la ofcourse...taste sucks man! Small size and not fresh...
We complain to the manager over there and say directly the food damn sucks! She said that she agree too...surprise huh! She said that the chef has moved to Puchong outlet..thats why...the food sucks! What a reason~




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