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AUG 19, 2009

today is the day~the model search I've been rehearsal for the past few days. Rushing here and there like mad dog non stop. Until today i still own a chubby face, SHIT!
Arrive there at 5pm, get ready for make-up and hair-do. When I'm done, its already 8pm +
Make up stuff...I'm always interest on this. That's why I'm giving question to the make up artist non stop. Asking which brand better? Why must it in this way? blah~~~~
in order to save the time, 2 in 1

the make up artist in age 30 that does not look like 30! just like cute litt xiao mei mei lo...envy
shino, joseph the hair stylist
I've been sitting there so freaking long...end up, i dont even care how people might think bout me because my ass in sooo damn "sour"

maybe one day, i'll try blonde? should i?

jason the hair curler guy~lolx

shino~miss him alot lo. now he went to taiwan jorr for a month. will be back soon i guess....

joseph and me

if not mistaken, her name is....cindy?
finally the hair is done, love curls~but i hate when i wanna play with my hair. It STOP ME DOING THAT!
the flower twist created by joseph

outfit by LeeAnn, hair by ELEMENT DOT STYLE, make up by STYLING PAVILION

introduction session, i guess im not that nervous at that time but after that my body is in fire...somebody call 911~

posing session for VIP and vote

then later on, pool session but not playing pool. Just pose with the cue. That's all~
bikini session
this is the worse part of all in the entire competition! I feel embarrass and i got nothing to show at all...GOD DAMN IT! And all those people eye like...looking some place that i don't feel comfort with it. At that moment, i just wanna get myself out!

all the pretty babes of first heat
left to right:
elle, michelle, forget, me, raine, sally, vivian, eleanor, grace

camwhoring while waiting for the result. Im so damn tired now and the time is almost 1am...!!!
Never get a chance to sleep at all and i woke at 6am today!

darling grace, hot eleanor and me~

dear raine and me
AYI, she mixed with thai if not mistaken

standing beside her i feel horror. She is sooo skinny and im afraid that i might broke her bone. LOL

announcing result pretty sure that every gals is in pressure. For first heat they will only select 6 gals and if u are not in...

Finally sally and me is in! Look how happy is she and im happy for both of us too. At least i love to chit-chatting with her alot. Shes friendly...unlike some gals that....u know~

the 6 semi-finalist selected for 1st heat.
good luck gals~

havent got the chance to thx u guys~
thanks for the support at that day and voting
and thanks too all the photographer as well for the leng leng pic ^^

no. 4 aint that bad at all...
at least im the higher rank for the day...maybe its not "dead" to me
its tiff lucky no.!
frozen sandwich as supper...LOL

First Day In TAYLOR

AUG 18, 2009

After my final test for A-Level, I've been sitting at home and working for 2months. Finally, my Uni life start. I thought i will be happy but untill the day it really came, i feel that my heart hasn't prepare yet. I'm still in holiday mood! Shyt, pack up quick!
Before today i was still thinking what im gonna wear for tomorrow...then my sis pick out her dress for me...TA-daa~shock to hear and see that? Yea, it was a gift for my sis but its too big for her, so she said she lend me her dress. HAHAH~my lovely sis =)

As what i thought there were many foreigners here but then im dint thought that i will saw student from Bangladesh, Philippine, still a frog under the shell.

For my first day in class, it was actually 2nd week for other student. YEAH! I joined the class late, very very late! I've missed so many class for that two week and i really gotta work hard to catch up.
When i step in the class i was kinda shock when lecturer said today is presentation day, i was like "WHAT? IDK~" "i lost my marks at my firs day....T.T' "
Luckily, i think too much. I'm new student weih~

1st CSCI class presentation was about....errr~i forgot! Opps~
Most of the student did their power point damn good eh. Topic they were talking doesn't makes me bored tho.

This is the group which i really like+like+like
That guy who wears grey tee is fluent is Eng, that's ok and normal. His presentation is EXCELLENT! The way he talk is so natural but interesting!

Class until 4pm today and guess what? My lunch break is so damn long. For the first day i got no idea where and who i should spend my time with. I dint even make some new friends there yet, im shy~~~LOL
Luckily Calvin is studying there, if not...pity me for 4 hours.

Is time to go home? NO! After class gotta rush to LUCKY 9 rehearsal for the model sick of rushie day!


AUG 14, 2009

Went lunch with Edward, surprisingly his working in ETSU! Whee~thought of getting stuff from him since this brand is recommend to prevent ageing and sun block pills but too bad he told me this product is for age 25 above. I'M NOT! happy? LOL
Just woke not long ago so don't feel like eating oily stuff or heavy meal so...Japanese food is the best! I've always past thru this shop but never tried before, finally~wheepie!

the little pot is the tea we sesame rice tea if not mistaken
How it taste? It taste TEA lor... XD

Decor with alot oh shoju

CHIRASHI SET that comes with tempura, raw fish, ramen, chawamushi and fruits

colourful fruity~pineapple, watermelon, dragon fruit, peach and longan!
Dint really finished it cause was full! The soup not bad but i dont really like the ramen...i love pan mee! lol

prawn is always my favourite!

from left to right: egg roll(love this alot!), prawn, tuna, and etc...btw, the raw fish is super fresh! No stinkie taste at all

chawamushi, my must had during japie time!

this should be rice included in the set but i change it to salad, wondering a mee cause me almost full till vomit, if it was rice? what will happen?


the bake rice with sesame tea looks

cream puff as my dessert!
After went home~received call from the dance gang, whee! My ex coach was back from FINLAND! If not mistaken...i haven't seen her for 5 years! She was the youngest coach we had before!

pic pic while waiting for frens to pick up

Around 7 we gather at MID VALLEY CANTON-I, i was a bit late...hahah! When i arrive, seeing them sitting there makes me kinda nervous. Suddenly feel hot for no reason.

Owh~miss this moment alot, we used to gather around after dance class finished and hang at some restaurant to everyone start to work and stuff, that chance is getting lesser and lesser! Appreciate today^^

The 2 pretty senior in our diva gang! lily and bai he~
That is their real name, NO FAKE! Maybe we should get more junior that name rose, tulip, etc...XD

Our dance gang should be more than what u saw here, unfortunately not all of them are attending due to some reason, but we still have fun!

Our ex coach^^ love her big eyes alot. I still remember last time i used to dance with a bitter gourd face and she always call me "ah yuan"...that day, they mention bout this again! LOLx
Is she the one who teach me we should grab the light when we are on stage. NOT TO SHY BUT SHINE. I still remember...

Ming Teng and me
my babe Bernie and me...this bitch went to Sarawak damn long...and rush here immediately from airport...miss her. We fight before for everything, but not guys. For us...what is guy in between us? NOTHING!

QiDong, my little senior, he's the one that always wipe my tears of after break up...LOL
shy eh~~~
love u much!


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