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Oh shit! Car Magazine shoot on Friday~

I've been living in my love life happily and compare to the working days, i ate much more now compare to the previous.
This is why shit now!
I've been selected for Extreme Car Magazine shoot and the date was this Friday!!!
Now is already Wednesday midnight which means it's already Thursday!

I gain weight ok! Now what? Loose weight la~
But how? In 1 day time?
I need comment please.
A lots comment i need.

I just need to loose 1kg to look better.

How to loose 1kg in 1 day time???
Appreciate your feedback billion trillions time.


hEnRy said...

sweet sweet things try to avoid this 2 days...not sure whether drink tea helps or not..

keiz_jy said...

do more exercise eg jogging~~sure it help~~

tiffany tan said...

Keiz: lazy jog. ahahah, dint eat somore need jog i will die. I guess its better now gua.

See dec issue u all will know how fat it is geh la. Ahahah~

tiffany tan said...

Henry: ahaha~yea yea. All avoid but apple remain. healthy sugar rite?



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