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2012 mission failed & Ichiban Boshi with Bubu

Rainy day again! I want a cold weather is dry not wet! How am i suppose to walk street to street with water splashing me all the time. So we only able to walk in Pavilion. How sad!

My really round face(effect) are because what he used to do...FEEDING NON-STOP(causes)!
Was planning to go for 2012 since everyone is giving 100% positive feedback's, hope we are not that late for the reservation

Nah~we went to eat earlier is not because we are hungry. It's because...the movie ticket had released. We thought we can reach not that early but the que was sooooooooo damn long till we reach the counter it had reach the realease time. Oh god~FINE! Im so upset la weih~ Bubu said there is still other day. =)

So Bubu bring me for Jap food. What is both of us thinking? Beef!!! *wink
Well, this is sooooo nice. Its gravy taste really kaw. Love...
Force him to eat all the vege because he don't really LIKE vege. Not good for health, EAT MORE VEGE!

I guess this is what he was trying to say "Oh no~amazing!" Btw, he's eating this for the second time.

Well, his smile are always that SUNNY

When he is in anger expression. LOL~
Oh ya~and that day he did bought a shirt at Topshop that really drive me crazy, IM MAD because of that shirt! You DUMB ASS~

Da yummies---tepanyaki beef bacon set
Overall not bad geh but it seems like not what we are really looking for.

Well this beef bacon with asparagus at first i taste it not bad, but when i eat the whole thing up. I feel like....$%^&*
The asparagus was...Hard! And me and Bubu cant even chewed it to parts. OMG! They are made from rocks.

Tepanyaki sauce make it better =)

It was really bored today. Feel emo...maybe what i aim to do was failed. "Never mind, there are many tomorrow coming" Bubu kept telling me. So after did a little shopping and discuss his birthday party thingie, we went home and sent my dress to tailor. The dress some in slightly huge sizes. Gotta make it more fit and pray hard that after it get fit, i still can stuck myself in it.




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