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Ninja the movie and KFC Hot Rods~

Suppose to be in study week now but...the movie drag my heart away.
As usual, went movie with Kent. Plan to watch 2012...hopefully~
heading to Mid Valley...

This time bringing out my new collection as well. *hearts*
Honestly, it doesn't fit on my ear...too big until it hurts my face but pretty comes with a price. Most girl do think in the same way i guess...

Again! I FAILED TO WATCH 2012 again. Im so speechless. Its already few weeks gone and im still...Maybe just gotta put more effort on it. DAMN! So we choose to watch NINJA. Besides Christmas Carol this is the only movie left with seats. What to do?
Well~this movie was...terrific? NO. Sucks? NO. None of everything...we called it MAR MAR in Cantonese means average. Just it don't amaze me but also don't have thing to let me critic on. That's all. Beep*

Bubu was aiming this movie. NINJA ASSASIN by RAIN.
We were attracted by its trailer in the cinema.
Hopefully~its a nice movie since his previous movie is a disaster to him. many people do critic about that movie but too me it was ok. Maybe people were demanding more from him.

Oh ya! GSC MidValley that day really sucks! What we ordered also dont have. Chips only left Twistie but not Chipster or Cheezels. No M&M. No lemon tea. No corn in cup. What also NO NO NO. Damn is they dont allowed people to bring in outside food. Since you left nothing to sell, sometime you cant blame me when im bringing outside food in. ITS YOUR FAULT! When people are hungry you never she gonna get mad. Heheheh....

Oh great news! I just won a war! Mr K say that he want to eat McD but i dint tolerate with it because I've heard so much about Hot Rods but never ate it. How can? I called it Tiffany must follow food trend. Silly me! So kept nag and nag...until he can't stand he raise his white flag up. I guess that's the best weapon i had.

Yummie~KFC. Well its a waste of my time if i gotta intro this to you guys. End up you might be just thinking where the hell i came from. Right?

My Hot Rods with some don't know what sauce. They advertise say its spicy but H.E.L.L.O~even K that don't eat chili also don't feel a thing bout this little thingie. Its more like salsa sauce to me. Yum~but the chicken its OILY which is the only thing i don't like.


Jack Ng said...

haha .... ninja is boring .... but the kfc is nice ....

tiffany tan said...

totally agree...fighting actions were like....HUH!
but the mat salleh body were damn huge lo. CRAZIEEEE~



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