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Our 1 Monthsary and Halloween

Time passes so fast that we nearly dint knew that it was our 1 monthsary. Its sounds short i know, but its just that...we never thought that we can made thru this. WHAT?! Yes! You dint see it wrongly, its true.

At that pass 4 week, we've been quarreling all the time. Not every single day but 3 days once. Imagine that, how we survive? For not too deep relationship like us, i might bet that both individual had let go their hand, and i'm one of them but baby kept convince me that we should go on. we are now, celebrating our monthsary and Halloween together once.

Before we went for dinner, we did a little shopping. Tony Roma's was pack of people and reservation. So there is 1 and a half hour more to spend because baby just got this Halloween news from newspaper and he dint do any reservation for it.

Baby acting Matrix

We went in Tangs to search for his shirts and there he found his love. Floral prints from FCUK. Baby took dark blue instead of white one with red roses. He says that it was too obvious and girl might die in his hand easily. Owh~that thick face!

Baby new earring by me and blinkie heart locker necklace by him. Now im thinking..should i get a new earring with roses for him to match his new shirt? XD

Around 8pm, baby's tummy is calling. No, i should say shouting. So we went there earlier 30mins to see whether the seat are available. We told them we're hungry and we manage to get in.

Actually we could be seated once we arrive, but the seat was out of the theme so after we stalk inside hows the decor we decided to wait.

Once we went in, it was kinda dark inside but all table are lighten up with candle lights. Romantic-nya~

Besides, all the waitress and waiter are fully dressed up with their costume and make up. Some even look horrific that can decrease your appetite. However, it was a great experience for our first Halloween. Before this, non of us celebrate this event before.

Here are some of the decor pic i manage to took.

Owh no! Baby's hair is growing something!!!

Me holding the vege i hate most! PUMPKIN! I just dont understand why Halloween Day id all about pumpkin? Pumpkin soup and even dessert too. Yucks! But this look cute =)

Spot behind! The couple look sweets!

Evil Sun
Wondering Sun

My charming baby Sun~

His starving look...

Pina Coloda, mix of whipped cream, pineapple and coconut milk. Blended.

Pacific Cod with serving of 2 side dishes of fries and bake potato

New York Strips 10oz serve with tomato salad and mashed potato

Are we dining under the tree besides the street?

NO! Its one of the theme decor. Im wondering, where they get the dried leaf from?

1. They bought it.
(but why must they do this since we can get this everywhere easily?)
2. They pick it at the street.
(but who's the one that pick all of these? There are so many man~)
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Enjoying my Pina Coloda but Cafe 69 ones taste much better.

Burp~another heavy meal day.

With part of the Monsters~

Happy 1 monthsary baby darling! Happy Halloween too!
Hope next year at today~we were still at somewhere, celebrating our 1 year 1 month anniversary.

I know i will scold u when you say thanks to me, but gonna say thanks to you too.

Thanks for feeding me loads of food but baby, i really need to diet for the upcoming job now.
Thanks for being with me all the while, especially the moment that i need u the most.
Thanks for waking me up every morning even you don't need to wake that early.
Thanks for caring me, protecting me, nagging me, teaching me all the while.
Thanks for being the decision maker for the troublesome me every time.
Thanks for being patience with the emo gal like me every moment.
Thanks for letting me feel secured everyday.
Thanks for giving me your fragile heart
Thanks...because you love me.
~~ Love you always too~~

Our 1 monthsary cake from CupCakeChic by Mr Sun

Both is choc flavour. My fav~da-yumm!


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