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He's Into iPhone...More Than Me...

We've been waiting so long and the day finally arrived. Its the iPhone 4 day launch. We managed to get ourselves a pair of invitation and squeeze in the event. The time we reached Garden's its already 5pm+. We are so freaking late!!! Our time slot were suppose to be 6-10pm and according to my tweeps, Michaela advise i should reach there earlier, like VERY early. She went for the pre launch which is Thursday 12am-4am, she reached there around 9pm and got her phone at 3am. WTH! Imagine 6 freaking hours of waiting. Isn't that "OUCH"?

Settle our quick late lunch-early dinner at Kim Gary.

Mua beef steak Korean noodle set. The kimchi they served there sucks to the max! Taste weird!

Bu's don't know what super spicy beef noodle.

Luckily his little finger doesn't pops out. Tee-Hee

There's 3 place to que. First, register number. Second, waiting room (shown below). Last...scroll further. 

Here's the last place to que before you get can your finger on it. Counter that settle your payment and collect your phone.

Honestly, I'm amaze! People all here like totally Apple Maniac! Whne i went in this room, poeple here are mostly holding Apple products. Not ONLY iPhone 3GS okay! Its MacBook, Ipad, and loads...not just one individuals. Its like...most of em!

Oh so here's the DEVIL every ones waiting for. You know what, the time we reach, the number its already 3k plus. Oh great!

Bu was walking around the second waiting room and ask me "Can we try the phone bi?" Then a guy from Maxis suddenly pop put from no where "Yes, you can" We were like "Whoa~".
Then bu can't stop flipping the phone, sliding and staring it and accidentally spill out this "Wah, really very pretty ya." in front the guy. Imagine that! =X

The guy warn us there's a minimum 5 hours of waiting, so we went in almost-all-the shop in Garden's and MV. Until the shops closed, he's finger has no luck to tackle he's baby yet.

Since when Twilight categorized as HORROR? I thought it was romantic though.

To Edward or Jacob? Heheheh

Dinner was too early, bu get hungry easily. Late dinner at Sushi Tei! Price were higher than Sushi King, Sakae, Ichiban. Somehow, i don't feel some of it really worth the price.

Fried Soft Shell Crab Sushi.

When guys with his gadget, its a disaster.

Get what i mean?

Not nice! Till i forgot what's its name.

Soak with jap shoju. Not nice! Luckily its fresh.

The noodle was QQ enough but the soup base were like...tasteless?

Normal sushi but it was his fav!

There are difference between these ebiko.

Busying eating...

Busying chewing...nom nom nom...look at that cutie chubby face. *pinch

Hammie smile =D


The ending of the story? Wanna know? How long it takes to get the iPhone 4?

Oh well, i went home at 10pm ditching bu with his soonnabe brother in law. I was in pain, shops were all closed and my flats bites! Bu was there till 3am only he get his phone. Pathetic right? He went home telling me this..."IT'S WORTH IT!"

Breakfast Could Be Rm100 or Rm10

Loving western breakfast. Especially during holidays. It will gimme kick start for the day. However, everyday i woke up at noon. Like 2pm? Hahah~

Look how tempting it is! Perhaps it might be different to you but well...I'm a weirdo. I like looking at breakfast sets. I'll feel super sduper hang fuk after looking at it.

Tell you something secretly, today i went to a mamak with some friends nearby my college. Surprisingly they had this western breakfast too. Served with hash brown, sunny egg, ham and baked beans (Ewwwww, i hate most) and i just cant stop staring at the menu. My friends laughed at me. =D

Breakfast from DOME.

Both mua favourite. Blueberry and iced choc. Yums!

Guess how much is the bill? BOOM! Its a freaking Rm 100!!! Maybe I'm too hyper therefore i didn't noticed that. My bad =p  Of course there's one asam fish main course not shown over here because i thought that its not suitable to call it as a "breakfast". To me, rice cant be a breakfast. Huahaha! I'm super pantang!

In contrast...the Malaysian breakfast is here!

Char Kuey Teow. Ewww~its a lunch for me. That's Mr Sun's ones, mine is super crunchy kaya bread!


Eggie egg egg with yolksssss....yes! Nobody ever dare to steal it. Because you cant imagine what I'm gonna do next right after what you did! And this happen to my sis and Mr Sun. Mum will make sure she had prepared enough eggs for us to avoid us fighting egg! Mr Sun will order double egg, so one each for both of us. *winks

Never never phail me! Milo kosong kaw ice! Without it I'll look like NOTHING. Look at my intro. Milo is my saver. Tee hee~

All this costing around Rm10. Oh well, that's high and low.

Just another food post, eh hem...that's loads to go...with names and price perhaps if i remembered it. =D


Homemade Shanghai Mini's Mooncake For Loves

Gonna make mooncake for my bu with my aunt helps. She's making mooncake for sale since 5 years ago. So i'll just curi sedikit recipe and mess around.

Aunt start her baking session at 7pm, so after outing with bu he send me to aunt house.


After hours, there is it!!! Shanghai mooncake in mini's! Super cute kan? Bu loves to eat mooncake but only yolk so this suits him much =)

And others for aunt's customer.

This box for my bu =)

And of course for the beloved family too!

Once again, happy belated mid autumn festival =)

Ireland's Potato is My New Movie Snacks!

Here it is Ireland Potato finally having a new outlet at TimeSquare after so long. I've been walking pass through the stall of Ireland once i went to TGV cinema at Sunway but it doesn't makes me hungry. Maybe because of they only had a stall instead of shop like TS does. Cinema is a bit hard to bring in and standing to eat is hem*

Its located at 1st floor nearby GSC cinema.

The previous Yogurt Berry. Argh~I'm missing Yogurt Berry so much. Every time i entered the cinema i will sneak in with it, just don't understand why must them closed down.

Everywhere is full with the potato head decor.

I found that the machine was a bit weird and i wonder how it function with loads of hole hat cover by the fries cups.

Variety that's enough for you to eat 7 days per week.

Read this!

And this too!

I have tried Sour Cream at the first time, and it taste like normal baked potato where we used to had it in some western restaurant that serve with tartar sauce. Second time, i tried Honey Mustard. It IMPRESS me!!! Opps, forget to tell, i never tried Honey plus Mustard in my life, it could be the reason i overrated it. You just hafta try it yourself.

The price is around Rm5-Rm10 which is a bit expensive if you take this to compare with McD and others fast food restaurant. But letme tell ya, what they serve is what you pay. Its all potato, real potato unlike McD fries that taste like flour or starch what-so-ever.

So tell me...whats your flavour?








Mitrajaya 25th Anniversary

Daddy's company dinner is in the exact day which my car lost. How FML!
The car lost is already a torture part, then my dress gone bitchy again. At the end, i wore singlet and high waist skirt to a ballroom. FML max. But its over now. 

Lovesss flowersss...

Theme of the year : Roaring 80's!

Sunway Hotel

Menu of the day.

Auntie, uncle from mummy's side.

Cousie from daddy's side.

As mum always said, Chen is always my handsome cousin brother and also the maddest one. He's been bombing my grandma flower pot every CNY! Ever since my grandma moved up to KL, we've lost that chance..and now my grandma passed away...the chance of celebrating with none. =(

Very typical starter dishes

Shark fin which i hates. Loads of tong hun inside but of course its so much expensive if its all real sharkfins.


Thai fish! Fresh fresh fresh!

Duck and chicken


Chilling time!

The host caught both of my big and small cousie up to stage to dance YMCA because they are virgin. Lmao!
Introduce you Shen and Jeremy!

Shen, Samantha cousie and me

Chen and Shen cousie

Xiang, Samantha and Chen

I got no mood so no camwhore picture in this post. Your eyes is clear now =D



World Peace


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