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Women~What You're Looking At?

ZOMG! I found my new love!!! Perhaps it should be my secret but i decided to share with all of my readers. See how kind i am. LOL.

BB Cream is so HAWT now, all the way from Korea to Taiwan and now in Malaysia!!! So i decided to give a try. Start from the most famous brand in Korea---Skin 79

You can see more company product, famous artist as customer and history by clicking link

My skin is getting better now, no! I should say sooo much better.........

Last time after facial, i would not dare to apply any foundation because it will makes my skin more sensitive with its ingredient. But the face is so reddish, how am i gonna hit the mall or party?

Now i need not to worry anymore after facial. I could just use BB Cream on my face. Besides covering my imperfect reddish skin it also help me to recover my skin. FYI, bb cream was invented first as scar/wound healing cream for the face, especially for people who did laser/ surgery. After that people realise that it has a light colour texture like foundation, so now the new era of BB Cream is improving by adding loads of funtions become 7 in 1.

Last time, if you are my readers for kinda long, you should know i have serious skin problem like stubborn clog pores all over my face. BUT NOW, i can tell you after i went to facial, of course the clog pores reduce because they remove it but the main thing is they wont be anymore oil seed growing in my pores anymore. I get really depressed last time because of my skin. No pimples at all but it just dont looking silky smooth. You know how Malaysia high way road are? No rocks on it but still not smooth looking. That is exactly how my skin like! I swear! Someting deep inside the skin which is harder to remove than pimple---
oil seed who cause my clog pores!

Now i dont really need any photoshop now. Mad happy!!! =D

Oh ya! For those SLEEPING BEAUTIES out there who love to sleep more but always rush for make up. This BB CREAM is also your BOOSTER too! Why? Based on my own experience, im always late for college or dating. I will never give up make up but choose to be late. FML.

Normally if I apply normal foundation steps:
toner > moisturizer > sunblock > base > foundation > concealer > loose powder

Now with SKIN 79 BB Cream steps:
toner > BB CREAM > loose powder

It cut down so many time man!!! No cheat!!! For the first old step, we apply so many on our face and of course we need to let it dry each time we apply a new layer on it. If not your make up will look super dirty and oily. Some powder cakey in part of your face. If this is the reason you don't know what happen to your suckie make up, now you should know!

FYI, BB Cream is not actually invented as a foundation that's why it doesn't not had loads of skin tone for you to choose but only ONE because it is made from natural ingredient but not coloring stuff. If you are worried about the ONLY tone they had cant suit to your face, you are wrong! Your skin will suck in and match with it. I don't know what technology is that but the second video below will prove you.

BB cream also work as moisturizer, sun block, whitening cream, wrinkle reduce cream, concealer, base and foundation. 7 IN 1, that's the reason i could skip so many step for my skin and focus on my eyes. Eye liner took me loads of time, seriously!

Women, I now dare you enlarge my picture. 200% or maybe 400% to have a clear look on it. I can swear that there's no photoshop using in this pic.
(note: without loose powder and mascara due to my laziness =p)

Pardon if its not flawless as you wish, but if you had skin problem like what i faced before you should know how happy i am now with this super new skin! It gives you so fake (as in good skin) yet so natural texture like the colour of your own skin. Don't believe me? Video below lah!

Wanna have it too? Heeee~I'm selling it too.

Rm 65 (limited ready stock)

Interested please drop me a comment or email me at

Note: Korea Beauty Store (located at Sungai Wang and MidValley)---KBS is selling the same brand product but i can confirm their price is round Rm150 and higher. Why pay for more when you can get the same quality?

Confirm 100% authentic, if not money back guarantee.

If you think that I'm doing such a great review because I'm selling it, why not have a look at the video and judge it later? Make sure you watch both of the videos. =) enjoy!

Nude Face with BB cream

How BB CREAM works.

Feel free to drop me any comment for more information =)
I wont bite.


Anonymous said...

Hey gal...Im Skin79 user also..It was awesome!!!I like it so much^^.Btw r u jz selling the red bottle BB cream?

tiffany tan said...

Was suppose to selling only red but since the response so great im planning to sell more. Wanna buy? =D

Anonymous said...

hey gal...feel like 2 try this product lar...may i noe y it is so cheap?u direct get it fr korea?i m definitely interested...^^

tiffany tan said...

Ya. Direct frm Korea better.
If u really interested let me kno. =]

Anonymous said...

i wanna buy~ my email is :
or facebook (same add)!! thanks~

tiffany tan said...

my email is
can email me too =)

Mei Yen said...

Do you provide COD? But I am from Penang. :(

tiffany tan said...

erm, i provide COD but only for KL area. If you dont mind postage can contact me. =)

annieyan said...

i wan i wan!!!!
still got stock???

tiffany tan said...

Yes dear. Its still currently available.

annieyan said...

RM65 for 1 right?^^
how can i pay you??

Anonymous said...

i'm interested in buying.already sent an email to you.=)

Anonymous said...

still available? email me at Just to reply you from there and keep ur email add. thanks

Anonymous said...

Hi Tiffany,

Am interested in buying, have dropped you an email too. Thanks :)



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