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Buey Buey Holidays and Starbucks (maybe) ="[

Its the final countdown!

Today is the end of my sem break. 2 weeks just flew away like that. Now recalling back what i did for the past two week and found out it was freaking horrid! All about outings, shopping, pool session, movie, delivery stock and food food food! No books and pens involve. =X

I had dessert almost everyday if not there would be an ice blended chocolate from Starbucks. It can replace my meal for the whole day because i order "less sweet, more cream, extra drizzled for bottom and top" after that I'll went to the self service bar and add additional chocolate powder. More and moreeeee. FML KAW!

No I'm not obsessed in "branded" drink but their service. I always add this and that in my drink but i don't expect they charge for it. If they do, don't think about it! Like chocolate drink i need a extra cream, and ice lemon tea i need more lemon slices. Me like Ice lemon tea at Old Town. They gimme loads of lemon without charging any fee. =) (Sorry, I'm hokkien lang and I'm kiam siap.) There's once i order Ice Lemon Tea somewhere else and i ask them friendly for more lemon slices. Know what they answer? "Oh, if add lemon need pay Rm1 for 3 slices." Wadafak is this? Shoot you!

Sometimes i blame Starbucks for making us delicious drinks (eh hem i mean chocolate drinks only!), their super costly price and of course the fats it contain! I wonder if everyday i had that, what would i turn to in 1 months time? *smack head* stop thinking!!!

And i wonder, why do they always full filled my demand no matter how picky i am? 1, they charge extra in every drink so they don't mind? 2, they are generous enough? BTW, just now weather out there is almost killing me. My lungs is burning and i can feel it so badly. Need ICE. Just hop out with some kanasai shorts and spaghetti top (just reach home after long hectic day of movie and shopping). Those combination some more clash colour one. OMG! Vroom~ Timesquare here i come. At first thought of drinking my Nestum bubble tea but then too bad, shop closed. Owh~i miss that crunchy feel! Maybe I'll get it tomorrow =p

So then i hafal out my order again "Ice blended choc w/o java chip, less sweet, drizzled on top and bottom and MORE CREAM. Thanks" After paid, i stared at the cakes. IDK why so different with what i saw last week. They are much more colourful! So do the sandwich!!! Maybe the cashier notice and he started to pursue me, "i would recommend you chocolate tuxedo...blah blah blah." Damn chocolate again. And its the last piece, FML. "Ok, take away for me pls." I wanna diet so much but then i cant reject food. =.=''

2 weeks past, I'm so happy that i can finally jump back to my Uni and normal life. But in the same time, i feel fear! Assignments, presentation, mid term, finals...oh lala! How i wished you disappear when i wished for it.

Please pray for me. I want a more hardworking and non addicted Starbucks me. Thankiu very muchie =)

Happy End Of Weekend. Ready or not, tomorrow WE ROCK!
Stop Monday Blues =D




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