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Iphone! You're a Bitch!!!

Holla~ good morning peoples. How's ya labour day going?
Well, mine went fuck up totally.
Yesterday was suppose to watch Ipman 2. The whole family were damn excited when i manage to bought online.

This two hitto movie Ipman 2 and Iron Man 2, is messing up with me!
So effing hard to buy ticket!!! FYI, yesterday i search all KL and PJ Subang area whether got available seats for these two movies but unfortunately. NO! From the freaking afternoon until midnight! Damn geng lol. Even the premier and gold class also sold off.

Then...i saw ALAMANDA. Woots~my hope is there.

There is still plenty of seat there for 5.15pm show. I pursue my dad to bring us there and yes he agree! After buying the ticket we went there so happily until the moment we collect the ticket. Guess what! My sis cant get in and we have to, force to sell off our ticket. FML!!!

Never mind, so we did a little shopping there and went home after awesome dinner.

When the clock hit 12am, i turn on my iphone playlist and playing some club hitz mad around with my sis. Starting with the first song, my sis favourite---Nobody in Korean version.

Then i was about to exit and open another apps. WTF! It is HANG!!!
What am i suppose to do? I press anything even the menu button and the switch off button. Nothing could stop this. Help me.

Everyone (majority) around me was using iphone but tell ya...they know which app is the best, what game is the boom but they did not know how to solve my hang gei problem. Well, my battery left 46% what to do? I have to wait until its finish and off its own because i cant remove the battery like what i did to Nokia's.

This is not the fuckiest part! The song NOBODY is still playing, REPEATING some more!!!

"I want nobody nobody but you...i want nobody nobody, nobody nobody..."

Bitch, its almost 3am now and you are playing it since 12am man! I got family gathering lunch session at the noon and i don't want to go there as a panda! Stop the bloody music i beg you. i pray to my phone. FML. She just couldn't hear me.

Finally, the battery finished pulak. She forced to shut her bitch mouth. Tee Hee~

At last i could get some sleep. One new thing, i swear! I will never ever listen that song again! NEVER! Fucking annoying.
Don't buy iPhone if you never wished to be the second me.

Tell ya, i could sing very well in Korean version now. LOL LOL

Ok, gotta doll up for the gathering now. See ya~


Anonymous said...

I think it's not that sucks because there still have 1 way to solve the problem. Press the menu + switch off button at the same time.

Try it if next time the iphone get hang again^^ I knew the feeling you got it before.. Hehe~


Anonymous said...

u brought a second hand phone or wat?
it shouldn't occur this type of prob.. or did u fell it?

tiffany tan said...

thx jen...i just learned this new thinggie but that day when i press both of the button seperately it cannot be function. So i was wondering...maybe it couldnt be work.

i did not buy 2nd hand or maybe maxis did it how i know?



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