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Bye Bye ADP

We ADPians are moving!!!

At first, everyone of us thought that we gonna shift to LCS but hell no. Taylor's just send us a letter telling us that we gonna move to TBS in May and Lakeside at December. Woots! I might graduate that time so no worries for me...currently =s

I guess this is what we wished for, do not need to shift to anywhere. Now even though we need to move but we are stll in SS15 the food heaven. Wheeeee! Do you know, all students in SS15 is soak with yummy food every single meal they had here? Pork noodle, Ramli Burger, Char Kuey Teow, Rojak...ZOMG! FYI, TBS building is just right beside Subang Square Building which is where ADP located.

All ADPians was worried how we gonna find parking, food and facilities, now...everything is solved =)

Now we are moving...YES, WE HAVE PARTAY!!! Eh hem...small one add on a little formal.
Well, it was only a ADP farewell partay.

Exam just over! For sure most of the people is joining this to release their stress.

I arrived kinda late, probably I'm late for 30mins. =X

I heard laughter and happiness once i opened the main door. I'm really late!!! Gosh~but as usual.
Luckily i manage to get myself a tiny seat to fit in my big ass. I guess i missed some activities before that. =(

What happen
Everyone turn to be so excited and become camera man?

My evidence. To show that loads of people joining until its full and squeezie. I'm so lucky cause i got a seat!

Our headmaster. If I'm not mistaken. FML, fella please don't blame me. I do not know any about him until that day. Sometime i wonder, me? ADPians?

Razlan!!! The right one. I never know that he is that talented. He's been in same class with me for 4months. ALl i knew was he can talk and debate very well. Humorous but i don't know e play instrument and sing so WELL. How sad he wont be my classmate anymore in future, it was his last sem here.

We have loads of performance that day but i was enjoying myself so...i did not take much picture.
Finally, this is the most happening me lar. We are gonna blow the candle counting 12, 11, 10,.....3, 2, 1 blow!
Why 12? Because we are all from 12th floor and we rocks in our own way. Agree fella?

Once we blow the candle, we gonna accept the fact that we are moving "a little" and that's our new beginning =D

Caution! There is loads of wax waiting to heat your skin up!!!

See how sweet? That's everyone really enjoying and doing things together as one. Awwwww....

Me and Curry!

Speech from the President of XXX, I'm not sure. Opps~again.

Razlan singing again!!! With romantic candle light some more.

Erm, I'm trying hard to remember his name. Too bad i cant. What i knew is he was a famous lecturer among student. Funny and knowledgeable!

Ms Parvinder.
The lecturer i loved most. Since the first day of class, I've always attracted by her movement and etc etc. She got something which cant describe by word, she's a little special than other lecturer. The way she talk is so so so...something! But it belongs to positive ones.

Finally, the end of the partay. They were suppose one room full with food. I did not went in there or took any pictures either. I was planning to diet, so its better I'll stay far far away from food.
Lastly everyone signed on that board with their big names and THE END.

This post is lame. I know and i really got nothing much to say bout it but curry wants this post to be up. you go.




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