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Opps, Met U're Getting Older!

Birthday dinner again.
I love dinner especially for birthday ones. Happening, joy and delicious food all around ME.

Is my auntie Metricia birthday at April 21th, we went to Pudu Ulu Hakka Restaurant name "Di Mao Guan" as you saw at the picture below. We rarely dine in here because it is always fully packed and queuing list is loooooooong! Finally we manage to eat here because we book it very very early! FYI, this place is kinda ulu ulu hiding in some corner that is not obvious but it still manage to attract bunch of customer. Why? Ichiban food of course!

Like the renovations. Sho Chinese!

Meet my cousie Kimberly and her mum, my "kao mou"

Opps! Don't you recognise her? Shes my sis la. She gain weight again!!! And she is sharing my dress (including this!) and most of the clothes with me currently because she cant fit her own size anymore. Buahahahah~

Salty steam chicken. Fresh and tender!

Xiu Bak Choi fried with Yam. Another surprising combination.

Melon soup. Best for heaty weather like now.

Sizzling egg plant.

Loads of mushrooms with homemade toufu.

This is serious shit awesome!!!

I forget what's its name but the topping is made from some flour, taste like pan mee a bit. Got different parts of pork. Juicy fattiness you cant forget how gorgeous it is!

Asam Fish in very big portion

Cant stop nomming!


With sister love =)

Its not the end of the night. The night is still young.

What's next? ALEXIS!

We book a room in Alexis so that we could chill like nobody business. Yahoo!

Its a bit different with others, our room is with candle light =))

Part of the family, part of them is too far from us ={


Mum, sis and auntie Met.

While waiting for "something" now we are getting busy, talking.

Oh screwed that iPhone camera! Part of my pic is taken by Camera and part of it is by my phone and this is one of the bad example.

The long wait "something" is finally here.

At this moment, paparazzi is everywhere. To snap down the memories that belong to the whole family.

Yoyo~Tiramisu in da house!!

Look at the nutty surface cover by thick layer of malt sugar. If you think that is too sweet, you are wrong!!! The taste of the different varieties of nut matching just nice with the sweetness of malt.

Note this 5 picture below. Laugh die me!!!




Omg! Their smile is EXACTLY SAME lorrrrr


Whats your conclusion after viewing these picture?
Mine: it looks like my sis birthday more than my aunt's WTF. Little kid always like that, even not their bday they will still grab the middle seat and blow the cake before the bday girl/guy. When people count 1,2,3 blow, my sis blow at 2 and a half second.
Booooo~my awesome shit sister.

Chit Chat CHit Chaaaaaaat!

The old folks talking non stop until my sis also fed up and become sleepy already. No one is in her age so she has no one to talk to or share with. Maybe got!!! My mum. LMAO

Perfecto =P

Never like anything with alcohol...but today it was an exception.

White wine you are spinning my head now. Lousy me =(

Tiramisu with strawberry sauce. PERFECT MATCH!!!
I must say it is my all time favourite!
No idea where to bring your dearest mummy dinner yet for the coming Mother's Day? Wondering where will serve good main course as long as dessert?
ALEXIS is what you looking for. =)
try their canadian cod fish. Thumbs up!!!




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