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Winter Warmers

Since when is the last job i worked for? I can't even remember anymore. Few months ago but the last photoshooting was last November for Extreme Car Magazine. Urgh! I kinda rejected few photoshooting jobs because of I'm lazy to diet for weeks just to get that one day paid, i got no confidence to show up in others camera and wasted their paid and is seriously busy shit!

I'm gaining weight now due to lack of control in diet. No job no worries =p. Plus my bubi feed me like how he feeds himself. FYI, he had huge diet. My 3 meals is almost his 1 meal. How can i not be fat? He ordered so much food every time we went out. And i just cant resist good food. Duh!

Now everyone is warned. No more food and popcorn session. Just swim, jog, badminton and pool. Full stop!!!

I thought i would be only eating during the holidays and will cut down after sem start but NO. Friends still approach me for food! Why!!! Now...I shall start my job 2 weeks later and for this week i will be diet diet diet!
Pls note this buddies. Rawr!

But now...I'm still gonna blog bout food post until it ends. FML~but hope you people enjoy =p

Winter Warmers *wink* located at Sunway and The Curve

I think my camera fell in love too. See all the picture it takes? All dreamy dreamy. OMG! Just like how's the owner felt.

All these are use to store the tea leafs.

Cute! Too bad i don't drink tea that often.

What's next when you got a nice tea box? Pretty cup =)

All the cups sho lady like. I'm in love with all these. Each of them!

OMG! OMG! This is mua favourite!

Eh hem~including this. Which girl don't like floral stuff? Majority i mean.

Orangie table cloth to match with the wooden decor.

This place is so cozy until you will feel that its like your home.

Fruit Cocktail.

With fresh fruit inside. Apple, lemon and orange.

Was thinking to drink some tea but then...ahaha, this suits me more =p

Baked pasta. Thumbs up!

The cheese is cheesie yet not greasy.

Forget whats its name. Some kinda fish fillet with orange sauce if not mistaken.

Finding some nice cozy place for dating? Or family gathering? This is the place i would recommend you. =)

BTW, I'm looking forward to try their 3 layers Hi-Tea sets. Tee Hee Hee. If you tried before, do leave me a comment tell me whether its nice. =) Thankiu~




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