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Went to facial that day and normally after facial session I'll forced myself to hide at home but surprisingly, my face is not that reddish that day. So i decided to went up the hill with friends.

FYI, i never been to Look Out Point after they build all the restaurant there. Curious...

The only picture without packaging in the whole post. hem'll find out later.
Once we reach, I'm amaze by this...also the first time i feel like "How good if i own a DSLR now..." so that i could capture this clearer and better. *big sigh*

Fml! Still cant capture the nicest clearest sunset.

There's like 3 restaurant there, one is gasoline and the other 2 i forgot the name. I went to the restaurant above Gasoline since its higher, i thought i might could have a better view there.
Up the hill it was just windy, seems like Genting is still the best!

Served with Salads and Garlic Bread

Mushroom Soup. Again that Garlic Bread.

Woots! Chicken chop with 2 big scoop of mashed potato.

Hows the food looks to you? Damn tasty right? Thanks to my snapping skill, HAH! I swear I'll never eat there again. Waiter there damn annoying and even its weekday i gotta share my table with some random people. What is this? Never mind, to me the price there is kinda costly. Perhaps not...but for food in this quality I'll just pay for its ingredient, not the chef skills. They got the look but not taste. I swear I'll eat at Gasoline next time. YOU~Shuuuu!!!

Forget bout that bloody food and put my eye to see something worthy.

If you come here all the way just for scenery without food. Well, maybe you still can try their drinks ONLY here. =)

Morning class on Monday =.=''
Nitey nite~


story-onstage said...

where u did ur facial a?

tiffany tan said...

KLCC dermalogica =)
i can hook u up if u wanna try...
they are really pro and good



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