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Bubu's Birthday Celebration

Finally I'm done with my finals. Phew~! So sorry to Bubu that i dint really made up a perfect birthday for him, i was exhausted and a lots of material to stuck in the brain. Thank god that i own a good boyfriend which is understanding enough. He told me everything its fine but ask me to study hard. He please me some more. WTH!

After the exam end at 4pm, i rush to the bakery shop to sapu all the ingredients once. Luckily it is complete or else I'm gonna cry to no one. Was hoping to take a step by step picture out to show you guys about the process but I'm in hurry, so cant really make it. If you need recipes or info may drop a comment down.

  • Reach the bakery shop at 5pm
  • Home at 6pm after asking more info and choosing
  • Start mixing, blending, crushing the Oreo

Done around 6 something which is super fast i did it. I almost forgot what had i done. Im like rushing rushing and rushing all the time because afraid of the cake could get chilled and ready before 9. Bubu was coming to pick me up at that time, so...pray hard!

Ta-Daaaa~its done but still not harden enough. Mangkali told me as long as it stay still everything should be ok so i guess...its ok.

I know it look likes the road where the car cross on everyday but for first timer, can be forgive right? =)

With the help by the candle it looks much more better right? BTW, i did put some M&M on top as decorations as well but found it super fugly so i cover it with Oreo crumbs again.


Mangkali Seng a.k.a Jason Chin

Moon a.k.a Jun Han with Joseph Sun

Bubu sneeze suddenly and moon get really caring like a mother. Hmnnn~

Ze Seng and Mangkali Seng

When Bubu tell me Seng is gonna come over i always get confused. Which Seng?

See all the guys "xiu hao sai sai" (Cantonese) surely nothing good. So i went nearer to hear what they were talking about. Damn! The pole dancer.
See! Guys live is because money and women. Guys problem can't run away from women and money. Agree?

They are still chit chatting like a kepochi about the dancer hired from Taiwan if not mistaken. Even myself also get attract by them honestly, they are HOT! My eyes were just like them, staring at the screen and watch them dance.

Enjoy the night? No, seriously no.

I had flu since this morning and I'm exhausted for burning midnight oil every night, but its the beloved ones birthday. I cant run or i should say i choose to stay.

I'm really really tired for not sleeping in the past 48 hours, when i get a chance i gotta make the cake up and the flu is getting serious in every single hour.

Luckily that the music that night dint really make me get annoyed. LMF is there and its QUATTRO 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY.

Moon and me

No pillow for me to rest there but i have this! Some more with polka dots design.

The happy 3 friends

What else besides greetea, black label and coke in a club?
Vodka, Chivas...blah. Not today~

M.I.B a.k.a Joshua
Everyone was worried about him lately, he act so emo in a sudden. We know something happen, hopefully he can get rid of it and solve it in a better way. We hope to see you with a charming smile adding on jokes. Not like now!

Happy face...girls talk again?

Bubu thought i bought the cake from Secret Recipe's earlier because i was using its paper bag ( big enough marrr...) until i bring out the cake...
he asked " you made the cake your own?"
i answered "yes"
he said "when"
i replied back "just now"
"you lied me you were sleeping just now?"
I get silence and he hug me into his chest giving me a kiss at the forehead that could nearly make me can't breath. At the end, he said Thanks. Dumb ass!

In this view, the cake really look like enlarge size of Oreo eh. Agree? I guess i put too much Oreo. From bottom to top even the middle part also OREO OREO OREO!

It took us sometime to light this up

There Bubu last i saw him cutting a complete cake because that house party cake wasn't that complete as his friend bought a whole cake but in 10 different flavour. It means all cut. So that's why I'm motivate to make him a cake =)

My charming Sun

Its time to divide the cake to the others, i start to stare at peoples face expression. Honestly I'm worried about my first time master piece but surprisingly besides Mangkali and his mom say its too sweet no bad comment. Phew~and Bubu loved it. The cake leftover half of it and he wanna bring home for breakfast. I thought of bringing home to let mum and sis try out tim. at the second day, i ask whether still left but damn. Him, his mum and sis finished it. My mum just gotta wait~

The screen that i mention which everyone stare at...

Mr Edward

---The boy and me---

Edward and me

Drink till your mother also can't recognise you!

Its time to get back to bed. Went home earlier because I'm so sick!!! Smoke everywhere and i got sensitive nose. So chao~
Bubu fetch me home earlier and join back the guys...

He is still looking for the Miss Right...LMAO

Who really use the rubbish bin behind me?

After taken all the picture, the jokey still havent arrive. I always nag Bubu, why must we paid to wait?!
They took ages to send your car in front.

Some liquid is leaking non stop from my nose....Damn!

There's the Bubu with a noob face. His not drunk but a bit dizzy he said.


Ninja the movie and KFC Hot Rods~

Suppose to be in study week now but...the movie drag my heart away.
As usual, went movie with Kent. Plan to watch 2012...hopefully~
heading to Mid Valley...

This time bringing out my new collection as well. *hearts*
Honestly, it doesn't fit on my ear...too big until it hurts my face but pretty comes with a price. Most girl do think in the same way i guess...

Again! I FAILED TO WATCH 2012 again. Im so speechless. Its already few weeks gone and im still...Maybe just gotta put more effort on it. DAMN! So we choose to watch NINJA. Besides Christmas Carol this is the only movie left with seats. What to do?
Well~this movie was...terrific? NO. Sucks? NO. None of everything...we called it MAR MAR in Cantonese means average. Just it don't amaze me but also don't have thing to let me critic on. That's all. Beep*

Bubu was aiming this movie. NINJA ASSASIN by RAIN.
We were attracted by its trailer in the cinema.
Hopefully~its a nice movie since his previous movie is a disaster to him. many people do critic about that movie but too me it was ok. Maybe people were demanding more from him.

Oh ya! GSC MidValley that day really sucks! What we ordered also dont have. Chips only left Twistie but not Chipster or Cheezels. No M&M. No lemon tea. No corn in cup. What also NO NO NO. Damn is they dont allowed people to bring in outside food. Since you left nothing to sell, sometime you cant blame me when im bringing outside food in. ITS YOUR FAULT! When people are hungry you never she gonna get mad. Heheheh....

Oh great news! I just won a war! Mr K say that he want to eat McD but i dint tolerate with it because I've heard so much about Hot Rods but never ate it. How can? I called it Tiffany must follow food trend. Silly me! So kept nag and nag...until he can't stand he raise his white flag up. I guess that's the best weapon i had.

Yummie~KFC. Well its a waste of my time if i gotta intro this to you guys. End up you might be just thinking where the hell i came from. Right?

My Hot Rods with some don't know what sauce. They advertise say its spicy but H.E.L.L.O~even K that don't eat chili also don't feel a thing bout this little thingie. Its more like salsa sauce to me. Yum~but the chicken its OILY which is the only thing i don't like.

Bubu's Pre-Birthday House Party Celebration

Bubu celebrate his birthday earlier because the actual date he gotta work and his friend too. So we make it on Saturday night so that everyone could be mad at that night and don't have to worry bringing the drunk and exhausted face back to work place.

This time instead of club like hell, i suggested him to make a house party. It feel more close and really could talk more and playing games with your friends right? Imagine that at club...besides drink and getting drunk could you really talk with your friend in whispering mood? Or playing game? Even it's a yes, how many space you had in the club?

Check-In at Zon Residence Jalan Ampang around 2pm by bringing all the stuff. Damn~it's heavy! Think about 2 bottles of cooking oil, fried stuff, junks, frying pan, alcohol (few big bottle some more), clothes, shoes...Those dumb ass bell boy just helping those foreigners but not us. WTF!

BTW, we're not planning to go back this place again. It took ages to check in and many troublesome thing, service are bad too.

Maybe that's the reason we don't get a good service. Hmnnn~

After threw in out stuff, Bubu was shouting hungry so we went to nearby and fill up our tummy. Around that area were more to shopping mall so we went to Jalan Imbi.
Heard one of my friend told me their beef noodle was different with others, soup is more concentrate and giving u real beef slice while others were just beef ball or some inner organs.

He looks co calm but actually he's starving.

They had 2 kinds of chili here

left: original spicy

right: super spicy

Bubu were still waiting the food to came over but there's too many customer, so we'll just have to wait and wait and wait......
Nice food always need patience right?

Align Center

Forget what i said at that moment...something lame i guess...

Bubu's beef tenderloin rice noodle with mee. The beef slices come in medium raw. Yummieeee~
Soup is thick enough for heavy preference consumer. If not mistaken it cost around Rm 12.90 for this big size.

Beef ball kuey teow and rice noodle. Rm 7.90 (around)
Besides the soup is awesome, chili is superb, their kuey teow is ichiban too! Super silky~
Must try ya~

I dint really finish my mee and beef ball but all throw to him just because i wanna save my stomach for the soup. XD

And that crazy Bubu ate 3plates of chili

After finished our lunch we went back to Zon and cold the can drinks up first. Later on, we sleep! Too tired for all the preparation and kuli job. Saw a watermelon there, Mr Jason who picked it. When we open it, guess what? It's not red in colour but white campur a little little bit red. WTF! Some more say pastry sifu, LOL!

Left: the pastry sifu i mention above, he was shy taking picture because he said he haven't paint his face yet. XD
Right: my bubu was eating my homemade kiddie meal with the hungry monster beside.

Bubu was enjoying his kiddie meal for the second plate. LOL~

Mr Jason stole my ice-cream that Bubu bought for me. How could you~

Bubu told me that he will snatch it back for me...
Well, a kiss from him really could calm me down from everything...

While waiting the guest to arrive, he spot something from the TV. Football match!

Finally i got back my ice cream, enjoy myself in the mean time some more gotta feed that orang cacat who was watching TV

Bubu were wearing floral printed like i do. We planned it since earlier. Was imagining that if only he was wearing big floral printed like i do. Whee~that's nice but gay ass.

Guess he was too excited for Man-U

When guys is watching footballs, they never care about you. Or maybe he did, well...its just to calm you down before getting mad and hide his remote control.

Always get pampered with his wide shoulder. I wonder what he did with his shoulder...

The surrounding area

Gotta leave in a sudden that day because of some stuff get stuck in the middle so dint really join the gang for funny games. Heard Bubu said they were playing truth or dare but always left choices with dare only.
Owh~i missed that but still catch up with the video they recorded down. So really got no pictures to show you more about that night until here. Perhaps, if Bell did update about that night you guys could follow up there =)

Went back at 5am but all the peeps went home, sighx! Im too late. The first reaction i reached was like #&*$%*(*& WHAT HAPPEN? It was totally different with that time i went out. In just few hours time, the furniture was moved, can was all over, cigarettes pack increase...

BUT horrible is Bubu body get painted ith drawings.

ITS ALL OVER THE BODY and stinks with durian smell. Yiks~
Pity me gotta stand that smell and rub the ink all over, and its hard ro remove.
its ok for me to eat durian but when its not in your mouth, that taste just gotta be different. I wonder why~

After woke up, Bubu vomited again till nothing to vomit but water. Those yellowish and green liquid. Sighs~pity him. But who dont get drunk on their own parties right? I'll just shake my head and look at him and hit his back as loud as posible. Lol~revenge.

Headache to see all this stuff. How are we gonna start packing? We were suppose to check out at 12pm and breakfast buffet provided till 10.30am, but we over slept and missed the breakfast. Owh~till now im still missing the breakfast. It might be nice =) who knows~

After packed up, luckily we still manage to check out in time with help of Fung How.
Left over a lots of canned drink, some liquor and CAKES!

Since we missed the breakfast for sure lunch will bot to be missed again. Went Pudu for brunch with Fung How along.

This place is always packed with people no matter what hours. Lunch hours? Never dream that you can get a seat easily.
Bubu pork and prawn dumpling mix noodle.

My dry style spinach noodle. FH order this too. When he's eating, he kept saying "good good good"
You guys should really try it. If need further info just comment me.

After finished FH pack for his darling Jacklyn. So sweet~kinda envy lo. So i blamed to Mr Sun and he tell me this " Bii, you were just beside me also need pack for you?" Hmph! Can't he just tell me something more sweet instead of this? Guys...

Its been a long way to reach today. Its like ages~
In a short month it happen a lots of thing like sudden attack.
If only you still holding my hand and never let go, i'll walked with you if you wanted.

Happy Birthday Bubu...counting in 3 more days.



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