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Taylor's New Campus

As you all known, Taylor's main campus is located at Subang SS15.
And not all the course are in same building, its kinda messy. ADP at Subang Square, Taylor's Business School and TBS building. So now, they build a new HUGE one for ALL of us.
This project running quite sometime, but still it is still in progress. Some of the students already moved in.
Some like us the ADP's student...we are not gonna move in as what they told. Each of us thought we are gonna move there, even when i enroll they kept telling me and my parents that they are moving to new campus once its done. LOL.
Now what, we are going Leisure Commerce Square. I pui~
Rather not moving me elsewhere! What i heard LCS is kinda Balinese decoration and its nice but then the problem is they don't have much food and parking like what we had in SS15. How troublesome is that!
I mad love SS15 larrr...
The Uncle Seng pork mee, and Guai Shang beside geh famous pork mee suah, TBS burger...
Yum yum yum!

Now you can see how nice is the new campus. Got lake too~for pak toh purpose i guess. How sad, so HUGE also useless, they cant stuck everyone in. BULL SHIT!


Kenshin Liew said...

wow..that's kinda rage..
but chill..
I'm in LCS for a year..not that awful previously, bt now it is..coz is like been abandoned..
Taylor's SABD
and they told us will b moving in in March..i hope it better will..

tiffany tan said...

Kenshin: Lol~tell me whats nice over there? I mean food? and some parking advice please. They tokd us we are not gonna move to lakeside. In may we will move to ONLY LCS. hate!!!

Kenshin Liew said...

foods? god..
previously, there's dozen of stalls in the campus itself..
but seems like we are moving, they are moving as well..lolx..u better hate that..
but yet, there's still one or two remaining..mamak stalls i mean..
around it will be having those franchise restaurants..
for my days, we are having My Cafe,Boston,Old Town,Hap Kei,YUAN the steamboat,and some around SS14 and even way back to SS15..
and the parking issues,there's a $4 parking space jz rite in front of the campus, and a $3 one behind it and beside it..and free parking lots around those shoplots..btw, if u do hv money to spend,try the basement,it will jz suck your purse..
FYI,coz the new campus was made for the main courses, no ADP,SAM,A-level & Pre-U..sorry bout that..

tiffany tan said...

I mean those ffod can get thru walking distance want worr...

hEnRy said...

@.@...i miss LCS
wakaka..studied there for 3yrs diploma

Pretty much nothing over there...
Food u will get only in LCS
others walk very far..need to drive

I used to park basement car park
Fast, Easy, Guarantee got parking
but what Kenshin Liew said...very costly "Vacuum the money in your purse" haha

tiffany tan said...

how much is that? Damn lo~i park at SS15 50 cents only eh per hr. Sometime can cheat also

zm said...

chill chill..LCS not that bad's actually way better than lakeside campus in the mean time..

i just moved from LCS to lakeside so i noe..

1. everything is half done so nothing is beautiful yet.. the lake is more like a dirty pond..
2. in class u always hear the construction noises..ding ding dong dong damn noisy~
3. air conditioning is not one suppose to be freezing but sad case..thr's always some problem bout it..
4. super expensive n less selection of food in cafeteria..
5. not much trees around campus compound..freaking hot..
6. computer n printing systems have lots of problems..
7. many lifts not working smoothly..
...etc etc etc...

tiffany tan said...

lol. ZM, i know its bad. Just went there that day and i cant even find cafeteria but that big lorry of starbucks.

i want my SS15 not LCS la...

wait...i thought they said got 4 theme cafe there?



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