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Everyone is going to school again this week be side's those who just end their SPM, I'm also one of them who did not. Class will going to start next week.

There's the beginning of the new semester again.

Asking what I've learn at the past? Hmnnn~i forgot honestly. I can have very good memory when i need it and I'm willing to, but once I'm done, say BYE-BYE.

In 2 years time, I'm going to US to further my studies. It seems long for you and me, but when it came you have nothing to stop it coming that fast. I'm wondering...can i survive there? I mean INDEPENDENTLY. I'm always depending and not used to mix around. I'm gonna die there i guess. Hoo-Hah.

This 2 years really restrict loads of thing as now i can see. Me and a friend who chat in earlier, asking why am i not working and joining any competition nowadays and there seem a lot coming up. I said I'm lazy to work and i don't lag money now to survive, for competition thingies i join in earlier is just because to drag my paid higher for shooting and then i did, so there's no point to waste my time anymore right? "Why not you increase your fame by now?" I get shut...i have no idea with this and i do think in this way before, but the problem is really happen as the way i wanted, can i really let go and just fly to US study CONCENTRATE? No, i don't. I know myself clearly, i will drag all the thing even if I'm drowning but i don't let go easily. How stupid and i know. So my dad will really get piss by that time.

When i did put effort on it, it means everything to me. And i get warned, not to work again by dad. Ta daa~he found out i work and he don't really like it when he thinks that i don't need to, but hey~it is my hobbies...he just couldn't understand me.

Forget about that work stuff, i still got plenty more to had fun while I'm here right?

Maybe i could write? Job can be in other way too right? As earlier i mention bout the food review thingie for some advert catalog company, its waiting for approval licence now, hope i will heard great news from the company soon once they got their licence.

For now, there is another job up coming soon. But this one is completely still brain storming. I get offer to join them but everything is still on more-to-discuss status. Its about model, event and some still developing. We try to make it big but everything should step by step. If this really works, i can still remain my hobbies even if I'm not working in this. Sounds great. Just hoping everything works! *smile with hope*

IF IF IF it works...i will share with you guys once is DONE. Pray hard for me ya~

New Year NEW HOPE, is that what everyone hoping for New Year to come? I bet so...

I'm so lazy lately, lazy to get out, lazy to be awake, lazy to wash my face, lazy to brush my teeth, lazy to comb my hair, lazy to eat and drink, wearing the same pyjamas and stay in front the comp chatting until night bath and sleep.
Any pills that can make me work hard? Suggest ;D




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