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Hohoho~amazing day for both of us today! Guess what? We reached Mid Valley around 11am and the most "gan jeoung"=excited thing is we both slept less than 5 hours. Is so lucky that we manage to reach there so early and manage to buy ticket. What movie??? Just keep reading.
Since there is 2 more hours to go, we went for lunch at the place that he said since long time ago wanted to bring me.
Little Penang Cafe
located at the bridge that can walk to Garden.
He said that every food there is awesome. I was can it be? But the environment here really superb for auntie like me who like vintage. I'm feeling so comfortable with here because everything is OLD.

Just in case you don't get what i mean, here's the picture to let you FEEL it.

Old window like what they had for Baba Nyonya.

Arghh~look at this. Isn't that (chopstick holder) what we usually saw at those Hong Kong movie when those gangster used to eat at "Dai Pai Thong"? Then follow up they crash the table and...opps~out of topic.


His favourite Prawn Mee, i never like it all the while. Stinkie~

Da Yum Yum~Char Kuey Teow
Honestly i love that slim smooth kuey teow a lots! Slurrrp~

Well, i call the prawn mee stinks is because the prawn or don't know what they put...fishy smell i hate! But the egg inside, ITS MINE! When he eating it and giving me that "VERY DELICIOUS" look, i just give him that "UNBELIEVABLE" look.

Finish eating we went for a walk and shop, to digest the food. You know when you ate too much and there is no time to digest before you have to spend your 2 hours in cinema, that feel is Like something very hard stuck inside the tummy. Am i the one who feel in that way, or you too? I bet so...ngek~

Couple Retreat is the movie of the day!
Everyone who had watched it kept giving good comment, I'm glad that it still showing after so long.

Besides its joke was the main selling point of it, the scenery was AMAZING. I don't know where is it but my friend did Google it "Eden East and West" and yes. It's exist in the world. Sky were blue and even the sea were freaking blue! I mean not like what we saw green-ish.

Saw the blue sky? Please don't look at some part that i dint ask to. Eh hem~

Saw the crystal clear beach? And ignore the fat tummy~

Actually they were taking some lesson on that beach to save back their relationship, so this lesson 4 pair couples gotta take of their clothes and face each other telling them what they like about their body. The most farney part over here is, that black guy dint wear any undie and he refuse to take off but how sad it is COMPULSORY for that lesson. So there he go....




Impressive? Tee Hee Hee

So another lesson is require to ask the couple to feed some big fish using small fish. Suddenly, they saw a SHARK and the guy get panic while the ladies already swim up. The pathetic case is one of the guy drop the whole bucket of fish with blood down. Shark is AIMING and the guy go stop. swim. stop. swim

Seriously this is the lesson i like the most. All couple will be interview by different counselor and the counselor will ask them questions that might lead them to cold war or fight, but lastly it will be solve by awareness of you in your relationship.
This stories happen to this couple too. The black guy were actually blaming while he was being lecture and the counselor have no idea that who is the girl he was mentioning. FYI, the young girl beside was just his gf. The people he was blaming and scolding was his Ex wife. Surprise!

Seriously many couple may thought they are sweet, everything are more than enough but when things really happen. You will realise that, ITS NOTHING AT ALL. So communication loads loads really important. You may thought your partner may feel in this way, you are giving her all the best you had but the problem this what she or he want? Sometime it isn't about money, yes indeed love in nowadays included a little financial but financial is not everything.

Blur? Here come with my little example...a 3years old kid was drawing a Santa Claus for you as your Xmas present, you felt very touchie and its very amazing that she can draw and colour it nicely. So switching the case to your bf, he draw that for you...well there's nothing big, but the problem is his ability isn't just that level. You get me?

Present is something that cant deny it really help to boost your relationship like magic by creating surprise. But fact is...the present is ain't about the price, is about how much you give out according to your ability?
So guys and girls, wake up if you felt something after reading this. =)

Opps~its not only apply to relationship but also friendship.

"This movie should watch with your partner, especially those who had loads of problem" said by Shen. Heheheh~well, I'm telling you now that, we both laugh like idiot and giving each other a big hug after the movie end. Hope so that he's not that stupid and understand that movie.

Later that we hop back to house for drama, munching some food that bought from Jusco like Big Bowl instant noodle, grilled chicken, sushi! You know, Jusco food is AWESOME to us. try it if you are still wondering how it taste.

He's such a big eater. I heart! We are going second round for Nasi Lemak again, pedas pedas!

Only with him, i could be enjoying varieties of food without wasting. Tee Hee Hee~

Farney picture of the day


Janice Phua said...

yea the smell at Little Penang Cafe is really fishy! every time I pass by there I sure walk very fast and stop breathing. don't know why so gao lat.

yea Couple Retreats really nice! wanna go there someday~

tiffany tan said...

I think those prawn gua...even the kuey teow also smell fishy. Got crab inside!!!

hahah~where is that Eden place? U know? i think not cheap lo...tsk tsk~



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