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Make Fun On Your Face XD

Invited to give a make up tutorial class for Chong Hwa Dance Society. Get the time wrongly but I'm not late, just too EARLY. Hoho~I'm not the one who always Must-Be-Late lar...even i used to.
There the day begin =)

To introduce about the usage and also let the newbie to know what's the different and usage for certain ingredients that contain. Well, nowadays make up stuff contains a lot of chemical oil but somehow it does not suit to apply to everyone face.

I had a real bad experience that i faced myself before. There's a period i was pack with job, FULL-To-The-MAX. Skin can't even breath for minimum 12hours and make up is a must according to client requirement and STATED MUST-BE-THICK. Hoho~THICK is in the form of not one less. Thick eye shadow, thick blusher, thick liner, thick mascara, thick fake lashes. So that time i thought my pore must be stuck by the product and suck inside. So pandai me use Johnson's Baby Oil to remove my make up since that day i have the so called "AWARENESS". Yea, there's nothing wrong right since it do stated there it can remove eye and lips make up.


My skin get worse even since that day, day by day. And i have no idea what happen but i never blame on that Johnson's. Until, i get sponsored from Dermalogica for Free Facial and product due to winning as Miss Clean Start of Dermalogica. My therapist ask me few ques and my basic daily lifestyle, she found nothing wrong with my eating habit but sleeping late. But still asking me to remove make up proper and double cleanse it. I DID! I told her i use gel make up remover following by oil...and i suddenly pop out Johnson's, she get stunned! She said Johnson's contain a lot of chemical oil that can't apply to skin especially your face. It is hard to remove than make up if you ever place it at your skin. Damn~i thought that thing is super natural, hell not.

A little example to be done and guide, after all its ALL BY THEIR OWN.

Please don't be surprise if you saw there's a guy here, he was...i mean THEY are also DANCER and need skills to make up for themselves too.

When applying foundation, to avoid not to overdone, this is the best way for spreading it to 9 dots. Buy hey~when girl are in a mess and rush, who cares? It was a tutorial, so everything gotta be IN-ORGANIZED.

Walking and spot checking...

Newbies...they are so hard working to learn. It reminds me when i first leaning how to make up 6 years ago by asking my mum,

"How to apply eyeliner?"
"Where you draw it on?"
"Don't it hurts when you draw on your inner eyelid?"

Hahah~now my mum ask me back how to shape the face smaller and use liquid eyeliner.

When i first started make up, it was very simple and i don't even need a make up bag like now, some more its full and probably i gotta have two make up bag. All i need at that time were only ONE EYELINER. Guess you were same like me too huh?

Then, i add in item every few months, from only eyeliner, i found that if i curl my lash and apply mascara it will be better-nicer-prettier for the eye. Then, foundation...again blusher...again concealer...

Later on, there the Jap girl get HEAT! They teach us in magazine how to let our face feature bright up and shrink the fat face. So, i added Brightening Compact and Shadow Compact.

For eyeshadow, well...i don't really use it all the time. The reason i add in to my make up bag is because...working requirement. Funny right? Btw, don't use eyeshadow that often, it does cause'll see it in no longer.

Before and After

Step and Process

Wet and waiting to be Dry

Not Used but To be USED To.

Make Fun On Face

Additional eye if you really NEED ONE.

Perhaps, some eyelashes will be nicer XD

Had a great time spending with them, at least...they are still under control. Luckily, or else with my hot tempered I'm surely get busted by that time and just Fuck Off. I'm away from professional too far. Perhaps, I'm already are. Xoxo~

Love, from all the silly's
Love, to all the silly's

Well, souvenir and paid from them. Honestly, i thought it was a letter from all of you but when i rush home i only found that it was...what I'm not expecting. Anyway, thanks and love always.

Missing much


zm said...

u mean johnson's baby oil only or johnson's baby lotion too?
i also thought it's so natural wei..omg..
wads with eye shadow?

tiffany tan said...

I mean Johnson's Baby Oil. But i guess the lotions are not too suitable too my dear. u have to diff between organic oil and chemical oil.

Eye shadow will make your eyelids become dry and day by day, not just wrinkle will born at ur eye corner but eyelid too



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