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This is what I'm gonna blog here about YOU ALL! Yea, I'm so free and nothing to do. After so long long while, what you guys still expecting from me? A long post too? Hmnnn~we will not being that pathetic since we had said IT DOESN'T MATTER ANYMORE. When we said it, we meant it! Heard it clearly?

To the dear spammer, well honestly i don't mind you spam me. Perhaps i should thank you so much for increasing my hits. Am i? Tee Hee Hee~but the thing is when you spam without a link, you just look like a tiger without a teeth, oh no! It should be DOG! What for? You can be a same person and i dont even bother to screen shot you down. You might having some personality division sick. I bet you are. So why not using your time for some doctor advice instead of spamming my blog with 3 or more different name with same IP Add?

Oh BTW, if you're not using your own link, are you really thinking to be friend with me one day??? God~silly you, thinking too much. Let me tell you guys, me, Tiffany Tan will never ever spam people blog without a link. And yes i did it before. Perhaps if that blogger willing to stand out to prove, if not is bad to announce that who i did spam. Anyway, that is the past which is nothing real big, we solve in a better peace way in both side agreement.

Sometime i really feel like puking on you guys, with those comment of telling me I'm a slut, bitch, whore, motherfucker you think you got that B.I.G influence that really will affect my feelings or people will easily trust you by just LOOKING at your comment? You are not OBAMA, wake up! I know you gonna shoot me back when you read till here because I'm blogging all bout you, but i can say that I'm not. Believe or not, I'm just telling you what you meant and what you do are such a COWARD and NAIVE.

With those little titsie bitsie comment, what can you do but just barking without teeth? Don't be naive ok, i can just delete it or just shut it without letting people know, but i choose to show people what you did with so many years of education, at least 7 years right? Wasting your mum and dad money or perhaps you grown in those environment? Its never been wrong if you are poor but without manners, there is a big NO. Wasting your time to type out comment that might be reveal to public end up delete by me with just a click not even using a second. Hoho~you can still do it, if you think that your time doesn't worth at all in your life.

Let me tell ya, since form 1, I've been involve in all this shit and it never stop. But i ask myself did i do anything wrong? I don't, so what am i bothering? I cant control people mouth especially rumours. When you ask people how they get those news bout me, you ask them confirm boh? They will just deny and said IDK i heard it from friend. Some even more pathetic, treating me good in front when i did no put a gun n their head to be friend with me but at my back they were talking how much they hate me and blah. Whats the point? Don't make yourself a big joke okay?

Life turn great when i reach form 3, i met gang of bitches which is really truth, honest and caring. Most important is SINCERE. Zen, Neoh, Kah Yi, Lynn...they were the best bitch i ever met. Before we get into the same class, they told me honestly the had misunderstanding with me same like others did. Last, we took it out as a topic and joke around. So...if you don't know me, WTH tat you can actually use to prove that i am the person in your rumours?

p/s: I dint beg you to READ my blog so DETAIL. Why are you here? Tee Hee Hee~



wern said...

Owh,cool one.i read it all leh!!yea,spammers?== eat shit.

tiffany tan said...

XD thanks babe

Serene BIBI said...

Haha...Tiff I should have thought like you before dat so that I wont change my bloglink and privatize my FB acc. haha! kill you all, spammers!

tiffany tan said...

Serene: yea la hun!!! Suddenly lke loose all your thing leh that time. Screw them! XD



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