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Maybe It's True, That I Can't Live Without You

Happy Happy New Year Human! What's your wishes and aim for the whole new 2010? I'm still thinking...I might end up getting nothing because I'm the person who plan when the flow came but some i do plan...what am i saying, oh god, well, it depends.

Heading to One Utama now for dinner. Today was a special day for us, it was our 100 days celebration and also our first New Year Eve celebration dinner.

We are in S.W.E.E.T-P.I.N.K

We reserve Garden Restaurant earlier, besides we do demand for a corner seat who near by the decor. Heard that it was kinda like Full House Restaurant. They had the same concept but they are not under the same business group.

Along the was kinda like real garden right? Ignore the cement floor.

Pottie-pottie flowers

A sweet young lady was there to tune up the atmosphere for all of us.

Finally we've been bought to our seat. Just what we wanted for.


Normally if i dine in those place like this with real growing plants, i will be afraid, there might be some living creature crawling upon you or "TRUP"~ there it drop at your food. Congrats! But please need to worry when you dine here, its all fake!

The side view of our seat

Side main view who facing outside seating as well as the dessert bar

While waiting to be serve =)

Garden Menu

--Why do bird, suddenly appear?--

No idea with that??? Its a beer commercial song, start brain squeezing~

FYI, the bird on the pot was a sign of RESERVE

Everything is just so beautiful and sweet

When i was flipping over the menu, he asked me to be careful not to be harsh and place it on the table, i was thinking what's wrong with him at that moment. Then after the few pages i flip through...

I FOUND A RING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lying deadly on top of the page. I thought someone drop a diamond ring so i was thinking...I'm so lucky for the last day of 2009. Hurray!

But seems I'm the one who think too much. The ring wasn't belong to he, she, they, it!

He pick up the ring from the menu and said ...

"Your finger so plain, should wear something on it. It's yours now."

So i was like "Later the owner came back search for it and saw i was wearing how?"

" I tell her i buy for you geh."

What what what...I'm so nervous and wanted to remove and he said "I buy geh lar."

My head pop out so many questions mark...he said he's the one who put inside the menu. I still don't believe and then he show me that box i only...LOL. Asshole~

Now only i realise few weeks ago why is he kept looking at my finger and asking silly questions. It was all planned! He got no idea what size I'm wearing that's why he is measuring using his so called


His snatch my camera and ask me to pose according my happy feeling right now. I'm not!
This picture is a reflections to you. SILLY!!!

This earring is so UN-match with his shirts, perhaps i should buy him a new P.I.N.K earrings. Whee~

His drooling...craving...for HEINEKEN!

There is a huge original fake tree behind me.

You definitely know what this sign mean right?
My sign of foodie...Nom-Nom-Nom~

Smoked Duck Breast with Orange Couscous
in slice serve with orange couscous & orange reduction toppings

We both love this! Perfect match!

Foie Gras with Green Apple
pan fried served with thin slices of green apple & balsamic reduction toppings

Lentil Soup with Feta Cheese Stick

Turkey Slices

Main Course
Oven Baked Lamb Rack Stuffed with Lychee Sauce
served with oven-baked potato cake, saute brussels sprout & baby carrot dressing.

Lamb is not over done, still in medium rare. But too much fats, he like i don't like.

Main Course
Sirloin Steak with Barbecue Sauce
served with potato wedges and salad dressing
Too yummy and Bubu said it can be compare with Chili's but in more affordable price. AGREE!
While eating this, he feed me, i ate as usual...but something wrong. I feel there's fat in it. Oh god~
I show him ugly face and there he knew, he thought i will loved it. Yes, i will..if I'm not dieting. He put his spoon beside my mouth, I'm so shy but still i have to spit it out.

Sweet Chocolate Mousse served with Christmas Pudding Sauce
Very thick thick chocolate, smooth and not to sweet. Just nice for MILO KOSONG KAW fans like me.

Every food is so mad pretty with art like fine dining but...more more more affordable price. You guys should really try it. I can bet that its environment will not left behind some fine dining restaurant.


JOKE LAR, I still remember i saw how XiaXue post on her twitter when she's engaged.

I still remember how i beg him buying me ribbon ring at some stalls. Even its cheap, he never care about it but just dragging me away telling me ring can't present to girls easily. It was once in a life time you said to me with a serious face. I'm shocked, I'm a girl and i dint even care about that real meaning but why...he's the one who care so much? Ain't it was just a decor for my tiny finger? He said no. It was a commitment for a life time.
Surprisingly, he really meant what he said. He never present any ring to any girl since the day he was born but till now...
I never thought a ring could really have that HUGE MEANING. Yes, it is not the first time for me to receive Diamond ring but this time, it's much more special and meaningful to me. Never thought of a guy will treat this as a lifetime promise. Normally, when guy present me, to me for was just a sweet gift for that SPECIFIC MOMENT.
Owh~there is a joke too. After he put on the ring for me, he told me immediately
"Please don't remove it easily and throw back to me like that. I don't like, it hurts."

In fact, since the moment he put on that ring, he look at my finger with smiley face more than looking at my face with eyes, mouth and nose.
Happy 100 days BHD! 3monthsary coming sooooon~


Janice Phua said...

wa mad sweet la <3

Anonymous said...

the ring seem a little big , ain't it?

tiffany tan said...

Janice: LOL~you also sweet lo. No need envy, you are much better than us =)

tiffany tan said...

Anon: big in size or???



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