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I Had A Dream...

" I wanted to be a superman or batman when i grow up daddy." a child who cant even spell correctly telling his dad with full of face expression.

"Cita-cita saya ialah menjadi seorang pemandu
kereta yang terkenal..." from a form 1 student which writing essay in the tuition class.

"I hope i will be a doctor when i grow up because i like to help people..." from a 22years old guy who working in bank now telling me he is way too far because he is lazy to study.

"我的志愿是当个救火员。。。" from a guy who found that his dream will never come true after he knew bout the world as he grew bigger, and he is scare of death.

How many of you were regretting for doing so and not doing so?
How many of you were actually walking away from your dream?
How many of you were doing what you written on your essay when you first enter primary school?

As we grew up, thing started to go backwards as what we thought at the very first. Things started to change, and we started to change as human are born to be selfish. Don't deny with what I'm saying. Its a fact, its just the matter that what level that the people around you can accept, how ridiculous you are when you are over selfish.


Why are we way too far from our dream?

Well, it might be we are too lazy...or it can be we found out that it is unrealistic to work for it. Perhaps, environment who change us. Some who dream to be a doctor, and as fact it do need a lot of capital before you really end up being a professional but can your family really support you even though you had 50% scholarship? It could be a NO at last.

Every first was all the greatest thing we had in our life. From first born, first love, first call, first...

We blame for the first broke up but we do thanks him for letting us know what is love.
We took the first bus in our first life and its amazing that you can do it, but once its a habit, you blame why must you took public transport all the time and you are getting sick of it.
Mummy and daddy were looking forward to your tiny lips pop out "dada" "mama" and it happens, they were joy. The end like now when you are growing up, it never gonna be a joy, but its a burden...maybe...

Everything become annoying when we are getting used and used to be.
People growing realistic day by day, its not a FAULT but its a be suit in this world.
跟风看利 (the strongest the "wind"=power there she/he will follow),i believe majority tried it.
双面人 (double sided face),i believe most you heard it and saw it.
Thinking are you the one when you read this? Don't think, its already you when you started to think.

Little baby saying wanna be a superman when he's big, 7 years later he will know that it is mission impossible.
Little kiddo writing he wanna be a driver as he grew up but do you think so when he really did? I guess he will laugh at his essay after 4 years later.
22 years old guy thinking his past about why cant he be a doctor now, he know he's too lazy for that.
Firefighter guy say to himself he wanna be a hero while he was young, now...if he's not death, hero or not it doesn't matter anymore.

I had a dream, when i was young around 6...i drew a lot on the sketching paper. Separating them into 6-8 column and I'll design the clothes and fits them in, just like what you saw while you are doing window shopping. Every time, there got no human model wearing those clothes but every design it came in a set of bag and heels or hat to match with it. Now panther skin is hitto right? That moment, i really did design one, some more with furry hat.

Started to watch TV, designer TV SHOWS then i started to curious do i need to draw a human out to wear the clothes. I asked my mum, "mii, do i need to draw human out?" my mum said "of course if not how it call presentation and how people know how it shows without a model?"

Since that day i get the answer, i never draw or sketch anymore. It happens naturally because i know that i can't draw human nicely as i saw on the TV SHOWS. My human look always end up with weird eyes, unbalance body figure, weird finger matching the hand...Hoo-Hah!

Sometime, I'm thinking...if i stay still with my dream.

Sometime, I'm thinking...if only i can still be like the time when i was a kid.

Kid is naive and stubborn, but they had a strong heart to stick with their very own dream.

Mummy ask them stop playing BLOCKS and eat dinner first, but his block building kept falling. He get stubborn, he spend his dinner feeding by mummy and kept building his own territory. There he success.

Mummy tell baby girl those beggar were uneducated that's why need to seek money by acting poor. She's thinking, when she grow up, she wanna be the teacher and provide education to all of them so that they don't need to be a beggar anymore. But does she know that, those beggar come in a gang of corporate and they are richer than her if she's working only as a teacher? And some of them work willingly as a beggar. She never know when she thought the world is so pure and that time she's naive, with a heart that full of colour except black.

Sometime, I'm thinking, if I'm...
Sometime, I'm thinking...what do you think?

You miss you, don't you?




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