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Im going treasure hunt on Christmas!!!

Its Christmas we are going to celebrate at this noon. Nothing special but everywhere are pack and jam like the previous year. I guess this is the most special part of it. Muahahas~

I hate jam...seriously. It will drive me mad to the maximum and affect my emotions of the day, especially when the weather is hot. Luckily, I'm not...just for today. The decorations of Christmas along the road are just too pretty for me. I'm calm by it...guess so.
Who say Christmas must eat Western food? We hop in to a Thai Restaurant Flying Chillies at Gardens. Unfortunately, we don't get to sit inside of the restaurant, all were fully reserve. It was just lunch time now ok! I want my sofa side seat so badly.

This quote i will never ever agree with it!!! N-E-V-E-R

Honestly their service is sucks! Very very inefficient and not organize. Why say so? First they had only 4 waiter and waitress on that day. Oh god, don't you know that it's gonna be a hell busy day today? Besides that, normally food serve from soup to vege and beef. Okay, i don't mind if the beef come first but the problem is...after the soup came the beef arrive, the Kangkung still took some time to import from Thailand i guess.

We had finish all our dishes even rice.

Note: we eat the rice very preciously, like...1 biji rice at a time.
After we ate finished the rice and we wait and wait...the kangkung still importing from Thailand.
I ask them they only...serve it, not hot, not even warm but cold Kangkung lying deadly in the plate with all the gravy spreading messily at the corner of the plate. This is so not hospitality if they really know what it means? Guess they should took that course.

Lime Soda which is no one favourite, he thought he order Lychee Soda. Damn sour!!!

Hmnnn...i don't feel Christmas in this. That's why majority of the people were going for Western dining. At least they will have some Christmas Pudding included in the meal.

"When is the food gonna arrive?"

What they mean by Flying Chillies is this.

Lost patience

Darn! I order the 1 pax i thought they will serving it using that stainless steel steamboat pot like what they serve for 2pax. Unfortunately, they don't! This bowl spoil my feel. We both don't really like this because the fragrance not strong enough, not sour but spicy. Still prefer what the road side Malay stall serve, not hygiene but thumbs up!

Tom Yum Soup

Sizzling Black Pepper Beef

Fried Kangkung with Shrimp Paste
Thank god, it has arrived after ages, its COLD and consider DEAD.

Love don't speak but feel

After finished all the dead Kangkung, we went for a walk to improve digestion. LOL. Sounds healthy lifestyle we're having huh.

We bought a movie ticket in earlier.

by Jay Chou and Chi Ling.

Like all the treasure hunt movie story line, they found a map and they hunt for the treasure. Boring!!! I guess what people pay for it its because of the talented guy who act again and the so called Taiwan No.1 model gonna fight here.

...honestly can i say i don't like him in this movie? He's such a stupid. As usual in the Tv shows but...this is worse and...Don't know how to say but i hate it.

Jay Chou
...Hmnn...He don't act that good if compare with the basketball Kung Fu movie. This is what i thought...

Chi Ling
...impress! I love her hair colour and curl!!! Thumbs up. And not to forget the dress she's wearing. Bohemian i love!!!

Now, fact do appear that Jay does not look good with this hair style!

What impress me...and make me laugh for the only part. I just can't believe with my own eye when she's doing this...can you? I'm not mentioning the part she's fighting but she's crawling and.....roarrrrr~

"为艺术牺牲是伟大的" artist said it all the time
No matter how fugly or evil she is in the movie, cant deny that she's still every guy dream girl.

She's hot, shes pretty and she's still working hard to proof that she ain't just a vase.

Garden Signature

Everyone got their munching yummies and we got our M&M and Coke Light

There he turn to be Evil Chi Ling....Roarrrrrr~

I'll let you bite, as you wish if you want me to stay.




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