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The Truth Behind The Story

I don't speak all the time while my gf blog getting spam there is a reason. A reason which i think she is tough and calm to face all this shit and it doesn't affect any of our life. Even When Bell get spam, i did nothing until i cant stand to see her emo and hurt and the spammer getting more and more over. Now I'm here is because i cant stand the bitch anymore. What she did she never said, but all bout ONLY ME as you see "surface". It isn't about i cant stand with her words which is that sharp but is for HER- TIFFANY, I'm blogging for the very first time.

Please note too! This had nothing to do with Tiff, i had her FB password so here am i...with a bump of luck. And Tiff, REMAIN THIS.

Yes, i fool her. And everything come in a reason why i do such stupid thing which i thought i could hurt her but it actually hurting the beloved one right now.

Before i met her (Tiffany), i want her back so badly and honestly i couldn't forget her (Bell). Then, i met her, a girl which would never give me black face for no reason in a sudden and wont blame for little thing like her even though shes stubborn and hot tempered. She (Bell) will scold me for reason like she cant find cloths to club and most of the cloths has been wore and shown in the picture. She will give me a black face when that time i have no transport to drive her here and there. She will force me to dress and style my hair nicely even we are just going out to some mall or club for a short while. She said, all the readers know who's her bf and i can't really wear that "cin cai" Even a cap to cover the unstyle hair also can't. Pathetic enough?

To you it might be, for me I'm ok.

The most pathetic thing is she had affair with another guy and run back to me.
NO, but TWICE.

First, she fall out of the lace and in love with a DJ Mr. E. That time, she was actually in relationship with me. She told me when the guy kiss on her forehead she felt damn sweet. What was your feel if your guy or gal told you this? After this she broke up immediately with me and that's what you guys saw the first time she mention bout our broke up at her blog for the very first time.

Later on, i beg her back...and i success. I felt damn happy but i also found out she came back to my arms were actually she heard bout that DJ was a player and this is told by her to me. What will you think?

Few months later...not more than 6 month

Then, another guy appear. Jonathan. They kept messaging with each other even though she's right beside me. When i found out that her inbox contain 200+ of message from that guy, she just told you that THEY ARE JUST FRIEND. Just that night, she give me a very warmth hug and she tole me I love you that she never did so for so long time. 1 weeks later she decided to dump me again. Then we patch back on the next Saturday and AGAIN SHE DUMP ME AND SUNDAY NIGHT again which in the same week. She told me that she's tired with relationship as the reason of broke up. Do you really believe that she dump me because that she want me to be a better person as you saw at her blog post?

When i tried to ask her back once again...

Well this time more suck. She had sex with this guy and she admit to me and ask me to let her go not to disturb her anymore. She told me "She's not that pure and innocent anymore like last time, so just get rid of it." This happen before i get into another relationship. When i really get into new relationship with her, there she pop up at my house using a reason which is to return me all the present i give to her after i told her i choose Tiff. I was wondering, if you are so not into me anymore, why you gotta send it to me so purposely and actually ask someone drive you here all the way? Cant you just throw away? Since you said it was your blog you can write whatever you want, and you should also know those were all yours? WTH you giving me back and let me see your face "accidentally"? LOL.

Indeed she tell me loads of stories that day and kept flash back all the memories we use to had before when returning me the gift from me. Why she did so if she was REALLY JUST TO RETURNING THE GIFT? I cried, it was a wonderful memory but also i cried because when you try to grab me back again, you said you had sex with him were just a lie? And then you admit again you did slept with him, you said i have the rights to know that what you had actually did? What's all about this? But how about losing the 1st year anniversary gift from me? Its not something really expensive but it's a ODM watch which also took my time to save for it. Don't it seems meaningful to keep it properly? You tell me. I did bought Tiff a necklace from night market before and it only cost Rm10 because she wanted it so much even though i said I'll buy her a better quality from some shops. She claimed she don't need that and surprisingly she cherish it more than i expect. When the fake diamond drop, her emotions will affect by that cheap thing and blame herself for not protecting it well.

Yeap, when my birthday i cant really make up my mind and I'm still miserable between love and memory. But when i make my decision once again, ask you not to came to my party what you told me? You did nothing, you just wanna see your friends and gathering here. I even yell at you i could remember clearly NOT TO COME. Ok, lastly you did came. I'm not suppose to shame you in front of your friend that's why i dint ask you to leave. That's is the reason she left. Not because she's coward but to full fill your childish behaviour that you thought its your party but she was actually the gf of the birthday boy. She came back after you left, in the other day you call her after my birthday? Telling her i hug you? Owh god why don't you tell her that you sang to me while I'm drunk? If you tell her that honestly I'm sure that she will trust you and leave me as you wish. Too bad, you don't dare to tell her you were treating me good but telling her i lie to her and i treat you damn good. What's your motive bitch?

Yes, I'm giving hope to you once and twice and etc, but it wont work with one sided. Surprisingly, a girl with me for 2 years had no idea where I'm staying all this while until we broke she only found out where i lived by her own. I wont see her asking me for supper ONLY when we are in relationship for 2years before that but after broke up she came all the way driving from Serdang to Setapak by her own. Not to say she got her licence that's why she do so. Well, she can say in that way i don't mind.

But when you are people gf, did you tried not to contact you bf for the whole day? And your bf got no idea with what the gf is doing? YES, SHE DID. if i don't call her she would never find me or something. I have no idea what she's doing, no idea where she is until the second i call. Great right? Why I'm blaming this right now? No, I'm not, she's changing. From the very first year she were still the BELL i knew, until the second year...don't feel like mention but her readers should know if they had followed her blog for the past two year. How her lifestyle turn to...You read it your own. I don't judge.

The gift...i bought it after we broke up no long when I'm walking alone at MID VALLEY. That time i was planning to get her back with it and buying her purple roses that she love. Last, i dint do so.

That's why the present i kept till now and decided to present to her on her birthday. It was an end...for 3 of us. Its not the matter of the price, but its the matter of the heart. The present was buying for her at first, so why cant i give it to her even its expensive? Am i suppose to transfer to Tiff just because that is expensive? I can sure that she wont LOVE IT SO. Not because of the transferring but she don't love things that is unrealistic like flowers and decoration stuff. Plus, a ex was always a ex, she did together with me for 2 years plus. I still loved her as much as before but the love transfer from gf bf to kinda sisterly care love. No matter what she did, there is nothing to argue and fight for now, it was a past and now it was 2010. People should look forward not backwards.

Wanted her to put the gift on the piano doesn't means anything ex ordinary like what you guys think, but it does had a meaning. I want her to remember if she ever get hurts... there is still a friend like me who will be there. 2years of relationship doesn't just end like that once we broke but will continue as friendship.

As fact, she did not mention that i will wait her to come back. As fact, I'm really waiting her to come back, as the first Isabella i knew when we first met, as what i used to know. But people live to grow, there is not a way to stop her from growing as the way she wanted. Every people has their own life, included me.

Now...i admit i did so many thing wrongly for both of the girl. I wanted to revenge so much before but it brings another side into tears. I'm wrong, I'm sorry, I'm glad that you can still forgive me.

Happy New Year everyone!

To you, i will did what i promise you under the fireworks. Take it as a promise.
I love you.

This might lead to a war again but for me its a end im bringing.

It was the first and also the last.


-Waoyuki- said...


Good very very a girl who turns back on you and go hook up another guy and than return back to you just because the other was a player and than taking you as SPARE tire is a vice move to dump her at that time but due to your strong love over didn't do it....i also been in your shoes b4 a GIRL call for break up due to another guy...but at such point it indicate that the relationship is not strong whatever past already let it pass...look forward to the future and walk on...cause time will not STOP down just because a heart is hurt....i been so stupid b4...haha...and also appreciate the one right infront of long as in a relationship you did nothing guilty towards another party...whatever rumors flying around just F*** it...(oops sorry for the wrong word)
by the way 2010 happy new year...stay lovely with tiffany ya...

Anonymous said...

you is such an can u be this so fucked up liar to bell....i know tiff is slut and she slept with of the photographer...grow up a bit sun,tiff,at least a bit....



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