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"Werewolf" get caught at Midvalley

Oh my! Looking at the last post it was 5months ago. Reader statistic dropped "awesomely" but surprisingly there's still people who reads my blog. TQVM peepo.

Been reading a few shocking news from twitter lately...
1) Ex Miss Msia knocked down by a motorcyclist to create fake accident.
2) One girl almost being kidnapped at Curve parking.

What world is this? But thank god they are safe now. However i do think that this could be prevented if we raise our awareness and by what i mean is not meant for girls only, apply to guys too.

Today, BFF aka Kent and I went to Mid-valley to catch a movie. So happen that there's a Mickey fair at the center court. I went half crazy (luckily there are not Hello Kitty) going round and round busy snapping pictures. At first Kent was excited as me but then suddenly he just stood there (I didn't bother to ask why because we were old and good friend enough to "ignore" each other for a moment).

Then when I'm done with taking pictures I only bother to ask why is he standing there. He told me there's a girl molested by a guy at the Mickey fair (He witness the whole incident) and the most creepy part is the girl was annoyed for 2 secs (the girl had no idea who touched her because the guy left in rocket speed once he did that) and left the place walked into Swarovski yet THE GUY IS STILL SITTING AT THE CHAIR OUTSIDE LOOKING AT HER WHILE SHE'S IN THE SHOP!!!  

I'm afraid that the guy might do something to her again so i walked in to the shop try to warn her. I asked if there's any guy "like touching" her at the fair she say yes. Then i told her the guy is still watching her after the incident so please take care then i walked out.

I walked back to Mickey fair again and tryna see where's the guy but nowhere to be seen! Then my friend told me he's there. The girl (she had a gf with her) walked out and heading to MNG. 

This is the most UNBELIEVABLE and FREAKY part.

Wolf of the day! BEWARE!

The guy walked very fast and began to ran towards their direction which means following her. Imagine that, who runs like that in a shopping mall? Once they enter MNG he hop in too! OMG! The moment when he ran towards them i got freak out (especially i read those news before i came out to MV), I pulled Kent and ran to MNG. I pulled the girl's arm once i found her and tell her what i saw, she's freak out and ask out loud "Where?!" I look around try to show her and suddenly the guy was in front us. OMFG! I'm so scare that he might heard us and got angry. Who knows he might wanna kill me for being so kepoh ruin his plan. 

I dragged both of the girls walk to somewhere else (act like we are enjoying ourselves) and called Kent for help. ( He was standing outside) He asked us to walk out and stand there, he walked towards the guy in the shop and warn him "If you keep going on with this I'll report to the police" The guy didn't fight back or act innocent like we imagine but putting the omg so sorry and guilty face on walked out but not looking at the girl at all.

We suggested to the girls that they should be leaving this place and we could send her to the car park but she told us that she's gonna have dinner at Gardens. (I'm surprise tho! How can she not afraid that the guy might be coming back again when we are not around and still dare to dinner here.) I cannot scold her straight in the face right, so what we do best is to send her to Gardens and left. Hopefully she's safe tho.

I believed that this happens to most of the girls. I don't denied that it never happens to me, in fact its quite common when we were in those crowded place and its very obvious that they are doing it on purpose. Somehow, I'm wondering any girl who's reading this post did voice out to the "wolf" on the spot instead of mumbling to friends around us? I believed that the reason we didn't scolded them is because it happened too fast and once we turn our head back the "wolf" is half disappear in the crowd. So true but sighsssssss~

What-so-ever! Let's stand out for ourselves!

Tell yourself if that happen to you next time, do grab the "wolf" instantly and scold him in the PUBLIC. I know, I know you must be thinking that I'm crazy for scolding people which you think it "could" be an accident. But oh-please, these "wolf" are good in acting believe it or not. What's wrong if you scolded the wrong person in public? All the blame will be place on the "wolf" instead of you my dear. For him, oh well...this lesson taught him to walk and place his hand in a proper place instead of shake and walk. Geddit? And guys, don't blame me for teaching this to all girls. Imagine if is your beloved one which would you prefer? *wink*

World peace!
Girls rock!
Do share to your friends/gf if you love them =)

Loads of love from yours truly,



World Peace


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