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Even If The Sky Is Falling Down...

So baby don’t worry, you are my only,
You won’t be lonely, even if the sky is falling down,
You’ll be my only, no need to worry...

You, getting sensitive since i started my class. We think too much, too far but we did not realise we lost part of the memory we had.

Since when you turn to be my drug?
Since when I'm your only selection for dessert?

Never understand why i will fall for you. It happen out of expectation. I told myself you're not my type since the first movie date. You told me you thought that you'll never get a "yes" from me.

Oppsie daisie, i might hurt you once, twice or more but i don't mean it. Sometime I'm screwed and i blame like shit, even it doesn't related to you, I'll just link you up as well. I crushed you in my palm of hand again and again. Maybe that's the way i named love. I'm so sorry.

That day, i look at you and said i got the wrong "stock". The picture i get shouldn't look like that. There you started to say it happen to you too. You thought i were 170cm long leg chic. Hoo-Hah~we both fell in the wrong one. Are we? We're not, because we scoop out this as a joke. We yell loud-ly blame hell-ly then we hug heaven-ly at last said sweet-ly "I love you". In fact i hate you fooling around with me but i guess that's the way you named love. Teasing me around and making me angry. Last, spending time to make me smile again. Owh~why love is so blind.

Discussion bring argument, laughter bring tears.
Round and round like merry go round.

Baby, if only you saw this. Every word that drag you to hell i don't mean it from the heart.
Baby, only if you knew it. Last day of the month is here and I'm waiting for my new issue magazine again. Since you bought me the first issue on November, I'm already demanding for all.

Only you.
I'm addicted.

So what we gona have, dessert or disaster?

Power failure in a sudden, me and sister tummy are calling! The whole housing area went black in one piece. It reminds me of those day when i were small little kid. Love electricity cut down so that i could act like I'm celebrating birthday again. Blow the candle!!!

Then Bubu came and we went Red Island Cafe for supper. Damn charm! The double storey shop lot only got 4 worker. You thought 4 for waiter, no way! Its cashier, chef, waiter and drink mixer. Pathetic right? But since we reach and don't feel like going here and there so...we stay right here and spend longer to wait the food arrive.

Fatty chubby sis is starving!

My sis only like FISH AND CHIP. Gawd~

Cantonese Fried Kuey Teow

Look at sis happy face when she got her food


Me and Bubu favourite choice. Nasi Lemak with Rendang Chicken. Extra nuts for Bubu, he like nuts alot and i hate. Its better in this way right, what i hate he like it, what i like he love it too.

The Rendang is so nice! Spices me likey~
Gotta stop eating rice now! I gain 1kg OMG!!! Why i eat rice lately? All because of the spices!
Shut my mouth, stop the food!

He pampered me like no one does. Handle with care because I'm fragile!

He bought another bitch to date with me!!!

And you can see my heart beating
You can see it through my chest

A little missing you, not to often but recently.

Sis ate finished her food and actually she told mum that she will share with her. Luckily mum is not hungry if not gonna took ages to wait for the food again.

Awwww~guilty face she's showing us.

Bubu with bloated tummy. *burp*

I want your ugly
I want your disease
I want your everything

As long as it’s free
I want your love
I want your love

In The Way We Look At Each Other

That night, we were planning what to eat for lunch and he said Fish Head Noodle. I was like...Arghh~so i told him how bout Kenny Roger's. He said YES YES YES in very excited way. Just like a kid getting new toy from the parents. I said Pooo~KRR only worr what so happy? He said he never eat before. Eh hem~it was a bit weird for me.

So we talk and talk...suddenly he pop out a question. "Isit expensive?" LMAO. That guy go eat here and there never even see the price carefully before this now ask me this? WTF~and i don't think KRR decor is that "high class". Ain't it just like normal fast food restaurant decor? What is this guy mind thinking. Anyway, i laugh at him the whole night.

Next day, we went KRR. Surprisingly this outlet is full of Chinese worker, unlike others. You know, i always thought that Chinese will be clever, i mean "seng mok" here, will be more hard working and fair. (majority la) But this was previous thought of mine already. Don't feel like mentioning what they did, but honestly they are so blur while working. Not the way i like. Yes, you may say they are still teenagers but hello, responsibility is a MUST while working. Where is yours?

He prefer my non make up face, so do i prefer his not oily hair with wax.

While we start meeting each other until dating, if not mistaken i think its for the first few weeks. We were both well dressed. I'm fully make up and he's in jeans and thorny hair. Now end up, we were in dirty flip flops, unpainted face, T-shirt with hole, unstyle hair. It just look so big contrast but we both prefer the last one. I bet you girls had the same thought as mine too right? Masking everyday is TIRED. Its damn fun when you can actually spill out KNNCB from your mouth, sit with wide open leg, eat like a dog and he claim you're cute like puppy (even its a lie, you still sounds happy. LOL)

We transform day by day, worse and worsen, true and real.

They shrink the muffin!

Choc and Vanilla

Beef Bolognaise Spaghetti.
Taste just nice. Not too worse but way far from SUPERB.

Quarter Black Pepper Chicken with Mashed Potato, Macaroni and Cheese and Coleslaw as side dishes.

We were still princess and prince in each other eye. Even we look retard here to you. =D

Love might change
Love could change

From love, we might turn to a friend again.
From love, we might add in as a family in the future.

Love could destroy you when the time he said he don't love you.
Love could brighten up your day, even its only a "morning" he said to you.

Love is simple yet complicated.
Love is lovely yet cruel.

Tooth Fairy With Ballerina Flats

Jiang Jiang Jiang~Jiang! This the miserable flats that I've mentioned few post ago. Finally, i got to wear it out to show people that i do not only wear flip flops. The people I'm mentioning is Mr Kent. Today went out with him and i don't feel like getting question by him why always buy so many shoes but only wear flip flops.

Pinkish purple with Bow! Mua love~

Skin finally getting better now. Those day were SUCKS to the max. Using wrong stuff really cause big problem! Hey girls, let me tell ya. If your skin pop out 1 or 2 zits or kept continue happened. Please don't think that your skin is consider acne or prone skin. ITS A BIG MISTAKE! If you change your skin care range ALL to Blemish/Oily Skin Type. You might be regret like me. I did that too, and i just realised...I'm not suppose to. It cause more breakouts.

Wanna know why?

First you skin might just be combination skin which is only T Zone area is oily but not whole face. If you use Oily Skin product, of course it will control your oil secretion to the max. What gonna happen next? Our skin will need some of the oil to protect our skin layer and hydrates it. So when no oil, its in lack of water inside your skin. When this happen, it produce more and more OIL. There pimples, blackhead, whitehead all pop out on your used to be flawless face.

If you're doing the same mistake like me. Stop it! Your skin soon gonna be decortication. Then, no matter how many foundation you apply, it will looks cakey. Oh~one more thing. Please don't ever thought that T3 oil is great to reduce pimple. It will cause your skin lack moisture to the max because it dried up your pimple, it happens in the same time to your skin too. Except, your skin is superb OILY.

Movie on Saturday wasn't a really good idea. Especially when CNY is coming real SOON.

Pop corn seems hard to get too.

Awwww~i manage to get TOOTH FAIRY ticket. Neh neh neh bu bu~bad thing is my OLD DOG is a future tense or not gonna happen tense to me. Soon~i hope.

Let's imagine, the mighty THE ROCK as Tooth Fairy wearing ballerina costume? Muahah~

This the scene that he ate up some medicine to shrink himself. I thought it was the EDIT effect but now i know the fact is...that plush toy was really that huge!

She's the fairy god mother. Means the highest level among all tooth fairy. I like her since Princess Diaries. If I'm not mistaken.

If you really wanna watch this movie. I suggest you not to scroll down to read till the bottom.

Farney parts that makes me boom the ceiling and stamp the floor to holes. Its not really organized because i just laugh and i dint really remember all the sequence.

Scene 1-Best among all!!!
When he took the invisible spray, he turns to invisible and went in to the couple house to collect the tooth. So he was kinda clumsy and his wing knock all the decor down. The couple was watching TV, they get shocked and...the wife get fainted. Guess what? They thought it was GHOST! The man did even pray for it "please walk to the white light." LMAO.

Scene 2
In order to finish his tooth job fast. He bought his stuff from the black market. Stuff means the invisible spray, shrink pill...etc. Then he went to a women doorstep and took that invisible spray, he get half transparent and the women got shock. Then he was shock that why is it not working, he ate shrink pill again. His head turn big and small and eye pop out. That women call 911 ASAP and claimed there is an alien at her doorstep. All the police arrived and catch him back to jail.

Scene 3
There is one time he get sick of the task, then he
went in the house without invisible or shrink himself. He use a dust which will cause everyone lost memory. Sad case, he used it on all the family member. Last he did collect the tooth back, but all the family member don't even remember who is the one in the house. Wife asking husband who is he, and someone did even said "am i home yet?"

Another Tooth Fairy but seems more interesting. Its horror movie that release in the year of 2006. Downloaded it but still dare not to watch. Tell me...if you did.

Taylor's New Campus

As you all known, Taylor's main campus is located at Subang SS15.
And not all the course are in same building, its kinda messy. ADP at Subang Square, Taylor's Business School and TBS building. So now, they build a new HUGE one for ALL of us.
This project running quite sometime, but still it is still in progress. Some of the students already moved in.
Some like us the ADP's student...we are not gonna move in as what they told. Each of us thought we are gonna move there, even when i enroll they kept telling me and my parents that they are moving to new campus once its done. LOL.
Now what, we are going Leisure Commerce Square. I pui~
Rather not moving me elsewhere! What i heard LCS is kinda Balinese decoration and its nice but then the problem is they don't have much food and parking like what we had in SS15. How troublesome is that!
I mad love SS15 larrr...
The Uncle Seng pork mee, and Guai Shang beside geh famous pork mee suah, TBS burger...
Yum yum yum!

Now you can see how nice is the new campus. Got lake too~for pak toh purpose i guess. How sad, so HUGE also useless, they cant stuck everyone in. BULL SHIT!

Two Is Better Than One

Mangkali call and yak to me again. Telling me damn sien to be single. He did enjoy single life actually but he hate it when he feel lonely there is no one beside him when he really need it. I bet, most of you do feel in the same way. Even me too!

We enjoy single life, we don't have to inform or even care anyone else except our parents before we did something, never pop out jealousy issue, no worry day and night or day dreaming of him/her. But when you saw someone at mall hand with hand...Awwww~it hurts. I smell something sour from my heart. Especially when you are sick, you hope that there is someone yak you why don't you take care yourself and he's gonna say i take care you better, or maybe console you. When you are in anger, there are someone to let you punch.

Ok, lets get back to the topic.
Its been a hectic week for both of us. He's busying with his work and I'm buried with my assignment. You know, I'm taking all practical subject in this semester, so everything gotta "do it to prove it that you had learn. However, we are trying hard to catch up each must-watch-movie as much as possible every week.

This week, we aim for SPY NEXT DOOR. We reach Mid Valley at 11am but hell the GSC counter is already long que. So we switched to GSC Signature at Garden's.

After bought the tickets, we went for brunch. Honestly, we don't normally eat brunch or breakfast together before i guess. He don't eat too early and i wake too late or i skipped it. Today, Bubu suggest "Why not try Toast Box?" "Okie!" i answered. I saw they serve "real" traditional breakfast. What's that mean?
Teh, Nasi Lemak...

(clock wise from top) PO LO BUN, Peanut Butter with Chocolate Thick Toast and Kaya Butter Toast.

Loads of carbs and starch in it. That dumb ass order that much. I want chocolate and he wants peanut butter so end up, mix! I don't like peanut butter la, so even it has a little choc on it. No way! Seriously that Po Lo Bun and Kaya Butter not that nice. Cant even compare with the coffee shop. The butter is served in liquid form not hard enough. When i bite on it, it leak and cause a mess. For me, a nice toast or Po Lo Bun should be served in cold hard butter, so when bite on it we wont feel greasy but syok!

A little walk after brunch for digestion then its time for MOVIE!!!

Miley Cyrus bf is here too! OMG! *blush*

How spy cook breakfast with spying equipment...bacon and toast.

Movie were funny and a bit touchie. Love that twist at the end of it. But wasn't that perfect. I cant laugh to the max. It was just "hahaha" not "wahahahah". You got me? Everything was funny, but was just a short period and not enough.

After movie, Bubu and I decided to go for Carls Junior. It was our very first time. We were not that hungry plus heard most of them said it was HUGE, so we ordered one set only.

Around 20 bucks and here's our Beef Bacon Set in medium size.

My boy =)

Okay~gotta admit its not that attractive from that look but its damn nice!!!! Bacon and beef *thumbs up up up*

It doesn't look big right? (scroll down)

Its the size of my palm add a few inches of finger, what say you?

Besides the burger, i really like their fries! It comes with skin, me likey! It just like baked potato. Besides that skin, its important to be 100% potato. In case you don't get what i mean, go buy 1 small packet fries from McD and taste both of them. You will know~

Oh ya~instead of adding salt, i prefer pepper.

When i ate messily you will wipe my mouth automatically.
When my hand is full with sauce or oil, you will wipe my finger by finger, nail by nail.
When my bunny tooth stuck with pepper you will dig it out, i felt kinda paiseh but you always told me its better to let you found out first than others did.

I love the way you treat me.

I love you.

Pooooo~i think i did something really cruel at Thursday. I wish it never happen or maybe i could soften my heart at that moment. I never thought that push could let you fall from the stairs and never never thought of i could just stand and stare adding a little help but i never said anything after that. I was angry at you and i feel guilty at the same time. Mind is fighting, messy! I'm sorry i couldn't tell you face to face at that time and now.


Extreme Car Magazine Jan 2010

Found myself on magazine informing by Philip. Then i rush to the book store, no sign of it. Till now...

This shoot was actually taken at Nov or perhaps Dec...forgotten.

I actually never told my boy that I'm gonna accept this job. So end up when he find out this, he was kinda unhappy. I guess guys are ego. They dislike other man look at their gf so publicly. This is what he told me. But luckily, we are peace now =) He wont be that stupid angry me for this little thingie so long.

Shooting half way, started to rain. Tiny drops like face spray, and i was just standing there for 30mins only. Then Johnathan the photographer said its done. I was like??? OMG! He mean that he had got what he want. I was worried my picture will make me shouting when i saw it at the magazine because i don't really "INTO" that scene at that first few minute plus i dont feel like only work for 30mins for the paid they gave. So i actually demand him to let me "work" longer.

Okay...I'm 65% satisfied with this.
10% because that dumb fuck faded hair colour.
15% my not diet body.
10% face expression still flying no where.

Damn! Ignore my faded hair colour. I wanna puke also. My hair stylist was damn busy and i was kinda last minute. So end up SCREWED IT. I don't even had time to diet. FML. Food are always number one for me.

10 in 1 man

GDI. I'm surprise that i saw Ashley comment at my Cbox, so she said that she just updated a post that related with shoes. Okay, new update! I read...till the end. She wrote, "I am very curious about what shoes you have Tiffany, Yasmine...etc." Is that a tag I'm wondering. If it was really a tag, it would be the best tag ever. At least better than those 100 truth about myself right?

It isn't a mission impossible know~just like after you tried your cloth before outing and kept changing until you get the right one. Imagine how many cloth has separate with their hangers? So when shoes being display like hers and is separate with their box. And sad case is, i don't have a lovely sis like her. Who can help her to re-arrange after that. Perhaps, i will train my sis start from now. Will do that "Shoes" post once I'm free =)

No worries. Getting excited!

Review back the past year, each media must be announcing every kind of "10 MOST" : "10 most happening international news" "10 most best athlete" "10 most fashionista" "10 most famous model" "10 most worst outfit"......

All this of "10 most", here and there...just reflect back to us like we cant wait of throwing the old shadow and welcoming the new ones to arrive. Just like how we cheer at Dec 31st 11hr 59min 59sec.

As what I've found out through chit-chatting with the babes, hunn and bitch. I got this result of 10 MOST WANTED GUY. But this 10 types of guys characteristic could be happen all at one guys body! Actually, this "10 most' were only what women design out from their mind. Many men recalling back their history of being dump only realised that they cant even step in a feet of certain sports, industry etc.

Its time to READ this and DO SOME HOMEWORK for 2010!!!!!!!!!

No. 1 Athlete

Women who take man to compare with artist, model should be hanging up to shoot, but if we took them to compare with the athlete, it is MORE THAN REASONABLE, although this may lead all the men to suicide. Drama do teach us, die doesn't solve anything, women requirement are simple---a body that able to show his "little brother" when bathing, a shoulder is strong enough when you lying on it that wont causing bone cracking, a hand that doesn't like 20 years did not do housework to hold, a face that wont turn greenish after 2 floors to climb up; all this is not hard to understand and acceptable right?

No.2 Designer

Well, this picture doest mean that i want you to be like Tom Ford and that's a bit ridiculous because you will never be. If a man art cell pathological changes, the only arts he had drawn is on the toilet wall, movie that he often watch is Independant Production A-movie......mother kind women maybe might still giving him a chance to change---at least he has to have a taste of titsie fashion sense.
No money for PRADA? Also cant end up dressing like PANDA!
Don't know mix and match? At least know what is simple is nice!
Having serious colour blind? At least learn to match with black and white.
You could be in slipper and shorts, but please don't look sloppy.
Can be casual, but cannot be "simply" simple.
Never shines, at least be clean.
No style, at least don't collect 10 style in one you.

No.3 Artist

When man past 30, body "growth" once again happen all the time. Kindhearted women might forgive man only own one abdomen muscle which is very big different with what you saw on Rain's body. But we can't accept you guys only own fats! Women hope his man could have a little arts sensed. Even though he's a vendor, driver...etc. She still hope that he will watch movie with her, if better...she hope that he can talk about music with her; if possible, drawing, photography, mold pottery, mouch better...everything he has to know a little.

No.4 Captain

Don't think that only man addicted with cosplay, women too. Doctor, lawyer robe is already past tense for us, you should surprise us with some magnificent army attire or perhaps captain! Women will hold in deep respect when they saw your epaulet. Its like inside that fitting attire wrapping one stainless steel strong body. Women who lost in earth, they need you to guide them.

No.5 Chef

Women like to see guy wearing apron walk in and out of the kitchen, just because of that lovely dovey breakfast for US. Just in case you guys doesn't understand this, try to imagine why you Japanese man love to watch chic wearing apron but its ONLY APRON to cook for them. Different song but same concept. Women already has natural immune system on roses but cant resist a man who cook for her sincerely. This type of women is superb clever, they know that what they eat into tummy will always better than what it shows. 2 people shop for groceries at supermarket are always more practical and reliable than 1 people sneak to the florist and ask for help.

No.6 Baby Sitter

Chinese quote "Able to enter the kitchen and step out to the hall." This sentence in today, has change to able to take care of the kids at the parlor, accompany kids to grow up together. Guys who put their job at no. 1, if you are thinking to build up a family with modern women, you must be mentality prepared to be a baby sitter. Money ain't all, hired maid isn't impossible but only working non stop till no time for wife and kid is a big NO.

No.7 Clown

Women who smile look prettier, man who amuse women smile get more handsome and charming. Making people smile is a kind of profound knowledge or skill. Who ever who had this ability, also had the ability to get a women too. Uglify yourself, is the highest skill among it. Mouth could be your whole face, in the era of initiate idiocy, playful, interesting, acting as clown, play with mean language---Jacku Wu (host of GUESS GUESS GUESS), still surrounding by bunch of women has he's own reason. You got me now?

No.8 DJ

There are so many women who earn a living with their mouth in this earth, man who depend on ear to cheer women up are so little. Many women hope that they had a DJ kind of boyfriend, can accept her call in anytime, lend out his ear for her dumping in rubbish. This kinda man could let her yak as much as possible she could but he would not counseling her later. Women know that undesired sound will cause pollution too. Her mouth is enough to turn the earth upside down, he doesn't need to join.

No.9 Professor

Since when Obama become professor? IDK, but if he was...i will raise my feet to be his student and score straight A's to be his favourite student. *smile evilly*

Not all women love to see monkey swinging around, Myna learning human language, like inspire lesson, but the one who love to go library still existing. 24hours keep boiling unhealthy Tv Shows also will turn my tummy upset, once a while watching National Geographic or Discovery will remind us that we did study before. Man whom full with knowledge just like a meal which contain balance diet that full filled your daily needs. Hey guys, you will feel awkward when your girl ask you a question but you kept quiet because you had no idea right?

No.10 Killer

Grim, is another reason who let women die for. When fire almost caught on your eyebrow, a man who dressing all black fall from the sky and save the women. The cruelest killer could pull out all the thorn from her body. That speechless, only eye contact and pigeon flying madly scene, will let women become intoxicated with that smell of danger. She imagining that she's one of the actress inside the tragedy heroic movie, killer will drop his first tears drop for her. LMAO.

*beware. this post added too much self imagination. oppsie doopie
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