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My Boyfriend With His Out Of Ordinary 5C

What's 5C in your mind when some one tell you that? At least in girl mind it must be cash, cards, cheque, condo and car. This is what I've been told when I'm in high school.

But however, it doesn't apply to my current bf. I guess if you really found a guy that with his very own 5C, he's either your hubbie or someones hubbie. Wanna bet? When you ask guy, when are you gonna married they will tell you, when they own a car, house and career. Sounds familiar neh~

So that's the reason when the guy you found that own 5C, mostly is already qualified as hubbie.

My bf 5C....Ta Daa~

1C- Cash

Not much but at least enough to spend if he don't shop like insane and aim for too much branded.

2C- Car?

Definitely not! If he don't buy the car with his own effort too, please don't consider that he own that C. My bf own a C for Crap. He talks a lot, talkative. I think i should feel lucky and glad that my world never sounds quiet. He report to me all the while, even when he's shitting. Hehehe~when I'm emo and don't feel like talking, there he is with the unstoppable mouth. But one thing that I'm really glad that, he know what is the time to talk crap. Lucky!


Yes, C for Chili. He eat chili like insane. It's crazier and craziest thing i never agree. I used and love to share food with him, but end up it gonna bring me acting like a dog which put the tongue out for some cooling effect. That insane pour two or more little plates of chili, belacan inside the food that he is eating especially soup! When we eat pan mee i crave for dry and soup so he will get to eat the soup first while I'm eating the dry. For sure, i will drink few spoonful of the soup right. There it happen! HOT!!!!!!!!


He's in love with his computer. Why? Drama, Facebook, Msn and most important is DOTA. I seriously cannot understand what is that game about, but i don't think i need to understand. It happen when I'm mad with O2 Jam that period, my ex also cant understand what so interesting with that game by just hitting few button. Just like now, i don't understand why is DOTA so nice with using few button and that mouse. Its a guy thing just same as make up is a girl thing. They don't know why we need so many mascara and liquid, gel eyeliner for even its same...EYELINER.

5C- Club

Eh Hem~yes, i own a bf that love to club. You can see him every week appear at Zouk, Quattro mostly. Well well well, at the past i don't really like guys who club but now I'm a bit bit open minded. Since he is not doing any unnecessary thing that he is not suppose to but just chilling with friends and listening the music. Why not?

Hahah~some stories to share here. Which i think all the guy wanted for.

Just now we went Tesco for some grocery shopping. When paying money that time, he told me in a sudden, next time when you be my wife you must fetch me to club and fetch me back wearing pyjamas. I give him that fall out look. He said "Not those transparent lingerie la what are you thinking?" He said is those mashimaro or teddy bear pyjamas. Tee Hee Hee~

So he kept thinking his fantasy there and kept telling me...non stop

He said so when 3am reach he will walk out the club and i will be waiting him say "Bu, I'm here."
Then i continue the story for him, he's gonna hug 2 girl beside and tell them when he walk out "Owh, there's my wife waiting me."

His turn to say the story...
Then he said the girl gonna ask "What you tell me inside all was fake?"
Then he will said "Very obvious, now you only know?"

Then when got kid already the girl will said "Daddy I'm here, very hungry."
There he will said "Lets go McDonalds."

Funny or Fuck?

When its only joke like now definitely funny, when it happen? FUCK LARRR


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