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Finally...CNY 2011

College is not treating me good recently and that's the reason of lacking of updates. I could die mann! LIKE SERIOUSLY! Yesterday i burst into tears for the first time due to overstressed. That's so abnormal because i don't see myself having stress that can last more than a day, it'll always gone from the minute I'm awake or with his sweet talk. Just...not this time.

People are all done with their Vday post and I'm still stuck in CNY. Bahah!

Sista bday at Feb 2 and oh well! She got her ang pow money double up! So it went few hundreds different with mine. Shytttt! She's becoming more pretty and matured. Isn't it? Heee~

Anyway she's 12 this year, so its still acceptable for Kitty as bday cake.

Dad bought this PSP Go ages ago, but he doesn't willing to spend on the ori game that cost hundred for one so he bought an ipad back with FREE games. LMAO! And now PSP Go finally can dl pirated games and he got addicted.

Note: Picture taken during reunion dinner at Nian 30.

Sis finally has her own preference on her own clothes. She got this so call taste, finally.

Coin meat! Yums~ it actually taste better than those in square.

When all meeting together. This is the way they spend their time and also ang pow money. Which i never ever do. I'm sucks at gamble but I'm pretty good at chor dai di...something that require brain, unlike "One love" or "21" or whatever they called.

Spot chocolate: yes the dog! So fluffy!

Last day of CNY before schools start. Sista sleeping look. I don't understand what's with the finger but oh well...she's really in deep sleep!

Next update: Bali trip, erm....v day? erm...




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