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Senjyu Japanese Restaurant at E@Curve

Whoop whoop! Happy Satur-food-day! CNY is gonna end soon, i don't have much to talk about because I'm emo about it. Hate college! Argh~ And i never felt this fat before seriously! I have to think twice before i order drinks. NOT FOOD! My face just like a ball, my thighs...holly shit! Too much of MC flurry and good food i guess =X shall stop...and its hard!

Went there for movie and I've been eyeing on this Jap restaurant since ages after they've been featured in some show for Vday. This happened quite sometime so I've forgotten the price and name already. Sowie~

Bacon pineapple sushi! Ichiban!

THIS! Never dies~ its chilled and fresh!
The red ones were scallop, and i found it not much Jap restaurant will served it.

Sashimi always love =D

See! Its not enough! We ordered again and we means 2 people only.

Some random set which serve sashimi rice and soba noodle. =0

I thought i never get bored with it, but obviously eating too much of raw food and rice hem!
I advice you not to challenge this. Unless, you really likes it TTTTTTTTM!

Second set : some shabu set with kimchi soup
I do have super bad memory!

again they serve rice and udon

Must order everytime i visit jap restaurant.

Jap style salad which makes people who don't eat vege finished it all. Not me, my friend lah. Imagine how good it can be...go try!

Ahhhh~ when its warm it'll always look more yummeh! 

Talk about its price...erm...slightly higher than sakae, ichiban and of course sushi king.
Price range are similar with Pavilion's Kampachi.
Environment and service are good.
Food: worth the try.


Anonymous said...

they have newe menu now..should go and try the live oyster heavenly



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