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Win Cats and Dogs "The Revenge Of Kitty Galore' Preview Here!

What's next by Advertlets after Step Up Preview Screening?

Its the "Cats and Dogs- The Revenge of Kitty Galore"
Again, you can watch it before anyone else.

Movie Screening Details For Cats And Dogs
Date : 1st September 2010 (Wednesday)
Time : 8.30 PM
Venue : GSC Mid Valley, Hall 10 (165 seats)

How fun isit? How much laughter? Watch this trailer and get started on your post!


Blogging Contest for you all to win tickets!

Mechanics :

1. Post a picture of your pets or a happy moments with your pets.Write a bit about the pet to you and tell us why you want to watch the movie. (Win 1 pair of tickets)

Example: Say Hi and be nice to my Kitty, she's 3 months old now and she loves Hello Kitty like i does. So that's where her name came from. Basically she's more like my girlfriend and i think...etc

2. Post a 20-30 seconds video of your "happy moments" /playing with your pets and tell us why you want to watch the movie. (Win 2 pairs of tickets)

Unfortunately this is a picture where Mr Kent playing with Fifi, so here's a example you can take for your video. Playing around or showing off your pets amazing talent. Make it one of the world record if they are really talented. LOL

No Pets? No worries.

3. Which is your choice of or dog? kitten or pup? Tell us why? Also tell us why you want to watch the movie.


-All of your entry must link to Advertlets website and have those image/poster above included in your post as well.

-Send your post url to after you've done posting it. So what are you waiting? Be the first to submit your entry to win those tickets!

It Shines With Her In Their Own Way

Went for a Swarovski shoot last Saturday. It was my first time shooting for jewellery, consider a new experience to me, I'm basically a noobie. The pose is totally different with all the fashion shoots, car shoots i did before. Good thing is they don't need you to appear in big boobs, twist your body 360 degrees to show your curvy body. Bad thing is the eyes is really torturing. I'm nearly blind after the shoot. Never like indoor shoot cause they always use flash light.

Basically i went there with a T-shirt, nude bra by not bothering whether the cleavage shows or its saggy, flip flops, thorn jeans for the bottom because they never shot there.

Whatsapp Mr Sun the picture right after that and he said "its very natural". Wow~
Btw, its super scary to tie my hair all up like this and use this kinda red on my lips. I never tried because i thought it will end up like bloody hell but wheeewiiit! It looks fine.


I know to you its not Bloody Red at all. To me, it was!

Lights is everywhere! Hate flashlight serious shit! My eyes been never that tired before!


Blinkie stuff! Its a woman thing.

Rings. Well this is not my favourites. One thing i don't understand is why all those rings is frigging big size?!  Try to imagine you are wearing 8 rings which is not your size and need to shoot it with some pose. Well its hard! It always twist to the wrong direction which is not facing the camera.

Pink is always loves!

One of the set.



I likey these! Maybe because of they looks like diamond. Oh girl~

Ohaiyo~i know you peoples are looking for photoshooting pictures but unfortunately i don't have any with me right now. Hafta wait one months more until the catalog and banner done. BTW, i guess most of the picture gonna crop my face out. They are focusing on my hands and neck more. Those blink is the STAR not me. =(

Stay tuned. I'll post it once I'm allowed to =P

Tiffany's Current Hitz Hits

Win STEP UP 3 Preview Screening Movie Tickets Here!

Yo Yo Yo fella peoples~ (acting hippie hop, LOL) Everyone knows that Step Up 3 is coming soon in the cinema, but ADVERLETS is bringing great news for you all. Free PREVIEW SCREENING MOVIE TICKET. Does this sounds great to you? You can watch it before anyone else (of course except people who is attending this event too).

Movie Screening Details for Step Up 3D
DATE : 25th August 2010 ( Wednesday)
TIME : 9pm
VENUE : Tropicana City Mall - Hall 3 (150 seats)

Never heard before STEP UP the movie? Oh well, FYL if yes but please watch the trailer below. I bet you must be attracted by it. Plus, its in 3D now. OMG! OMG!

How to win?

1. Post a photo of your dance post in your blog in a very creative way as you can and tell us why you want to watch the movie.
(Win 1 Pair)

2. Post a minimum of a 20-30sec video of you or with your friends dancing either: breakdancing/salsa/tango/rumba/chacha/clubbing and tell us why you want to watch the movie.
(Win 2 pairs of tickets)

You don't have a blog?

That's bad but never mind ADVERTLETS are also giving our free ticket through TWITTER as well. Do follow them as well to win those ticket. They are giving out 1 pair per day starting 2 weeks before the movie screening. You are already late! If you don't have a Twitter account i advise you better CREATE NOW because it is much more easier compare to creating a blog.

Besides this is how you could win 2 pairs of ticket.
Featuring Advertlets blogger Bboy rice aka Jeremy from

Start camwhoring or taking your own videos now. Who knows you might be the next Malaysia Famous Dance Star and also winning movie tickets from us. =)


-Your entry must link to this blog post and have the image ABOVE included in the post.
-Send your post url to
-Will Notify you through e-mail to confirm you are entitled for the movie passes or not.

Blogging contest closes 23th August 2010.

Chillex Grand Opening at Puchong

Firstly hafta thanks Advertlets for the invitation. All of us really having fun there especially the food. Not forgetting there is free flow of beer provided too.

Chillex- A place to "chill" and "relax"

Decor colour using blue and white. Peace and harmony i sense. LOL

"Human hill human sea" Translate from Chinese idiom means vast crowd.

Opening ceremony begin with the lion dance.

4 young owners of Chillex. Congrats!

Supa huge thin crust peperoni pizza.

Don't look down on these sausages. Its hand made and served with chili con carne, diced bell peppers and mustard sauce. Again they serve in huge size.

Giant Beef burger served with fries. So tempting!

This is what i really craved for- fried shrimp wrapped with bacon served with poached egg. Da yumm~

Young women bloggers of the day

Guy bloggers of the day.

Group pitcha with owners.

Wanna grab some big bites like us too?

Chillex Cafe

2-G-2, Menara 2 @ PFCC,
Jalan Puteri 1/2, Bandar Puteri
Puchong, 47100, Petaling Jaya. Selangor.
(behind RIMA college in the Puchong Finance & Commerce Centre)

For more info,

Apple Is Always Holding Something Behind...

New Toy from Apple.
Daddy asking his cousie to get it from US so it is actually quite cheap if compare to buying here.
We asked around in Digital Mall before buying and the price is Rm2.7k. =0
Unfortunately, iPhone 4 is having batch problems if not i might be have the luck using it. Dad's cousie is back, no more cheap Apple =(

Honestly i feel that it is kinda disgusting. Like huge iPhone. Damn ugly plus the round button don't you feel that it is a bit small?

Anyway, we still love it. So far no problems at all. No hang gei, no connections problem etc. It is even better than iPhone! Loving its big screen. Especially playing Angry Birds, Bird Strike. Huala huala~
Anyway, do try TI Space. Its only available at iPad but not iPhone. One bad thing about iPad is...the apps damn expensive lor. Could cost 100 bucks man just for a typing apps. =(
I seriously "em she dak"!!!

Again...what we are hoping for the new iPad?
What i predict is...the new iPad might come with camera...
That is what Apple did all the time.
Always holding the best behind and dig a hole from our purse before we get the best.

Miss Karyan's Sexy 18 Birthday

Hola! I'm back and blogging more often. Finals is over and i only had 2 weeks of holidays. Oh no! Only one more week to go from now. Haih, i love ADP loads because its timetable is flexible, we can even set our class time and subject according to own preference. But the thing is, holiday is too short!

Actually i don't need any holiday. Serious! But if only they had no exam. During finals we had been spending most of the time burning midnight oil for a week, of course we will feel exhausted and need a long break. But how if we don't have exam? Huala!

Finish my finals at Thursday and attending Karyan surprise party at Friday. All of us are addicted to tweet, only that day we cant. We have to shut our mouth and keep our hands tweeting our location and what;s happening.

Forced by Mr. Adrian to take picture with his nerdie spec.

Delicious, Mid Valley

This bird cage decor light is heating me up. Don't ever sit near here. Fucking hot!


Boys and girls

Mei Yen and erm...Bean?

Jeremy aka BBoyRice.

After waiting for an hour. The birthday girl finally arrived.

Adrian and Tiff

Forget what's it name but is the only choc drink they had here. Yum! There's vanilla ice cream on top!

Mushroom Salad. Love mushroom maxie max! But they put too much balsamic oil as dressing, ewwww~

Tiffany not Tan but Ho's spaghetti.

The common type.

Bonding time...and snap snap!

Victoria . Tiff . Adrian

Victoria . MeiYen . KarYan . Tiff

Picture credited to Tiffany Ho =D

So sweeeeeeeet!

When we show Kar Yan the cup cakes she too happy and said "I must tweet now." LOL

Pretty little thing. Guess who's master piece? Miss Vit! She so geng lor. Professional type.

Girls with fringe.
Chris . Bean . Tiff

Nah~Tiffany and Tiffany. LMAO
This is the first time i get so awkward. Everytime people call Tiff, i turn my head and i realised it wasn't me that they are calling. FML! Ignore my flip flops please, i know i mustn't care bout comfie and should predict that they will took a full length picture of me. Oh shit! Dress with flip flops is style. XD

Bean and Me.
I dont know what's her name but Bean is her twitter name as i get to notice at everyones retweet. Hoohah!

Everybody say Eh-yo! Loving this pic loads. Someone teach me how to do this please =(



World Peace


Since I Met My Sun-shine

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